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The RFEF will update the amount of fines for expulsions and – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


From the SPORT newspaper we continue to advance regulatory changes and their Disciplinary Code that the RFEF approved at its last Assembly on 16 December and which it intends to implement once they are ratified by the CSD Board of Directors.

17/01/2020 at 14:45


Another of these many changes has to do with the economic amount that clubs must pay to the RFEF as a fine each time players of their team are sanctioned with a match. Amounts that will be slightly modified once these reforms are enforceable in their Disciplinary Code.

So far, as set out in Article 133 Infringements on the occasion of the match, clubs have been paying an ancillary penalty of 60 euros for each match that any of its players are sanctioned. In the event that the penalty means a month’s suspension in order to play, it rises to 240 euros. Once you see the light of this modification, the quantities will practically double.

Thus, the new text of the article will be formed as follows: “The penalty of suspension shall carry with it as an ancillary sanction for the club to which the sanction belongs, a fine in amounts to 100 or 400 euros, respectively, for each match or month it includes, if the sanction is a player, coach, technician, delegate, leader or club member”.  While it may initially seem like a testimonial increase, if they involve significant amounts that clubs will have to answer to the RFEF. It is true that these amounts are adjusted at the end of the season within the deposit that the RFEF has open with each of the clubs, starting with the professional clubs of the First and Second Division.