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The Royal Society turns the page and focuses on Becerril – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Royal Society wants to turn the page on all the controversy surrounding the hours after their match against Barcelona at the "Reale Arena". Unaware of all the noise that came from Catalonia, while Barca's top president, Josep María Bartomeu, executed the "threat" to send a letter to Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation; from Anoeta's offices, they defended themselves in an elegant and ironic way, remembering past mistakes against Barcelona and providing clear evidence of who began to take an interest in the famous play. that they complain about so much. In the Real, they do not understand this agitation, because there is nothing that clearly indicates that the culé entity may be right in their complaints.

Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

But the people of San Sebastian want to set aside this whole affair, which already seems to have become a small circus that, of course, is of more interest to Barcelona than to San Sebastián, used to raising their voice less when they feel harmed. A matter of styles, they believe in Real, who wants to direct all their efforts to focus on the following challenge: the Copa del Rey. It may seem a challenge less to judge by the rival entity of the first draw; the modest Becerril de Tercera, the staff of a city that barely has a population of no more than 800. But is that in San Sebastián they do not trust anything or anyone in the knockout competition. His list of failures and disappointments is long in recent history, and precisely the most bitter and resounding came to him when he played against a lower-class team than a rival field party.

So much so that the data up to 2006 is daunting, because the World Cup started with a single duel at the field of low-level rival, and Real have only won two games and lost six. The first historic success with the one-party format was against a close rival, Gipuzkoa's Beasain, then Second B. Another painful defeat at the Hospitalet camp took place the following year. Even the best Real of the modern era, Denueix's last runner-up, suffered a World Cup blow, because he lost the first exchange in La Romareda against Zaragoza that was in Second. The following year, also with the Frenchman on the bench, he lost in Mendizorroza against Alavés, who had just moved to second place. But the story does not end here. It is unforgettable the elimination in Anduva against a Mirandes in the second B. And you can not ignore the stumble in Zamora, also of the bronze division, despite playing more than half an hour with one more player.

The format of a match, of course, does not traditionally benefit Real, who will try to erase this badge in Palencia against Becerril. And so, trying to repeat what he did in the 1986-87 season when he reached his last title so far, the Copa del Rey. That season also played until the competition was well advanced for a game, and San Sebastian managed to pass the home of Basconia, Montijo and Villarreal, who were in Terceira, and then double the match to win Eibar, Mallorca B, Atletico and Atletico Madrid in the unforgettable final of Zaragoza. The people of San Sebastian want to imitate this precedent and forget all that was experienced later. And that's why Imanol Sheriff doesn't want to give up. The World Cup is very valuable to the Oriotarra.