Euro 2020

The Top Event Events for Euro 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Euro 2020 is just around the notch, it’s time to prepare the best event events for your customers! For this year, trends tend towards high-tech and green politics. However, some traditional animations remain in vogue. We offer you the top 5, you just have to choose!

This must-see event for football fans gathers millions of spectators in front of their screens. Of course, the stadiums, but also the public screening venues, are crowded every year. To get closer to your targets, including Euro 2020 in your event events is a good idea. You can apply them throughout the season and for all types of events.Discover baby football VR

Our favorite: babyfoot VR

At the forefront of new technology, VR babyfoot is an experience to try absolutely. Offer this fun adventure to your audience. They will remember it for a long time, that’s for sure! For the number one event event event around Euro 2020, each player will be equipped with a VR headset. The game takes place exactly like standard table football: two joysticks as bars for each and every match confronts two players. This futuristic animation can be installed wherever your event takes place.

No.2 on the top: virtual reality football animation

We stay in the VR, but change the format of the players. This time, it’s about test different football experiences in virtual reality. So, highlight your goalkeeping reflexes or test your accuracy to score ever crazier goals! With this simulator, you and your friends will be able to put themselves in the shoes of the greatest players of the moment like Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Lloris or Neuer. An excellent event animation to be set up in parallel with Euro 2020.

No.3 in the top euro 2020 special event events: the connected football circle

The connected football circle is a new activity that allows you to play football like professionals and enjoy a real moment of fun with family or friends. Its operation is very simple: light targets will appear then it will be necessary for the players to disable them by sending the football on it. This allows players to test their accuracy and speed of typing. The score will be displayed on one of the key stroke panels, allowing create a real challenge. It guarantees you a good time, friendly and playful, but above all it is the game that allows to have fun while immersing yourself in the skin of his favorite player.

Top 4: A special football video game stand

Football-addicted gamers love spending hours in front of their console or computer. This is the first reason why this idea is included in this top of the event events for Euro 2020. Plan a fairly spacious area where to install Consoles. People also like to watch video game games, make room for them. Organize game rounds and registration modes to avoid disruption. You can even award lots to the best players.

Top 5: Football in all its forms as event animations for Euro 2020!

In 2020, it is advisable to opt for participatory animations for the public. Fortunately, football has that power. There are a number of possibilities available to you. The penalty shootout, a must-have classic will delight young and old alike. All you have to do is install a net, stakes and plan balloons. The bubble football is also one of the top event events to opt for Euro 2020. Far beyond a regular game, a giant ball as a playing room for players will entertain both public and participants. For a hard-hitting animation, there’s nothing better.

No.6 on the top for events around Euro 2020: freestyle football

What if football also became a real show? For a few hours or just a few minutes, enjoy the extraordinary figures football professionals. With freestyle football, surprise the audience with what you can do with a football. Acrobaty, juggling, dancing, it’s quite a show that you will offer your audience. This is really attractive! The play of lights will spice up the atmosphere during this unique moment. Football fans or not will enjoy this wonder among the top animations specific to Euro 2020.

Top 7: the Euro 2020 Special Photobooth in your list of event events

We all know the rule: immortalizing every event is mandatory. For your next project, think of a photobooth dedicated to football. There are two options available to you. The first: a whole panel with photos of players printed in large format, but without their faces. In this way, the participants will have fun putting themselves in their shoes.

Second possibility: plan a large sign in the background of the photobooth and buy football-themed accessories: football, jerseys, glasses, etc. These will serve as mini disguises to the public when they take the shot. Alternatively, you can just opt for the mobile paper frame: green color similar to the football field, ball drawings and other inscriptions of your choice. The number 5 of this top event event will be perfectly presented under the theme of Euro 2020.Discover baby football VR