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The top ten for the next round of the Copa del Rey – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The top ten for the next round of the Copa del Rey

 - Transgaming 1

Andorra 3 – Andratx 0

Andorra from Piqué is already in the next phase, after imposing logic and defeating the Andratx, of lower category. However, despite the budget difference, the Balearic team faced the locals, despite having to deal with the disadvantage on the scoreboard from minute 3. Pachón received in the area and set with a large Vaseline. The goal wreaked havoc on theirs, which relaxed and had to be saved several times by a huge Banuz. In the second half of the year, the physical and Gabri sentenced the classification. Ruben bover slipped between three and, hand in hand, marked the second spot. Adriá Vilanova, in a rejection, places the third. Piqué already said he dreamed of the anthem of Champions in Prada de Moles. For now, you will have to settle for a First Division.

Tolosa 1 – Pontellas 0

In the cold Berazubi The classic qualifying match of this round of the Copa del Rey was experienced. They faced two third teams and equality was latent during the 90 minutes of play. No occasions, no game of areas … In short, a game that could be decanted for both sides, but that ended up with the side of the most experienced. Him Toulouse He took advantage of the warmth of his people to step forward in the second half after a bland first half. Finally Elorza He scored the winning goal at 62 'and devoted himself to winning time from there until the final whistle. Nearly a hundred years of history, elite players like Perico Alonso once … and now, a first round of the World Cup against the First Division. Basque football will have one more representative with the largest.

Calf 1 – Handle 0

The anecdote of this preliminary round was lived in Calf Magpie Him Mariano Haro He put on his best clothes for what could be a historic day and ended up getting on his nerves. Once the game started, there was a blackout that, fortunately, could be corrected in a matter of minutes. Obviously, the waste of time forced an extra seven minutes in the first half. He did not fool Becerril, who was leading the half-hour meeting thanks to the goal of Albert Melero. Diestro quickly fouled and caught Urraca's players off guard. In the second half, the visitors tried and, with the discount, local goalkeeper Sevi saved his team. 754 inhabitants of the province of Palencia they will cling to television on Sunday. Su Calf You will see the faces with the largest.

Fraga 0 – Peña Azagresa 1

Vibrant round trip departure that was experienced in La Estacada. The villagers started much better, with Caesar kicking the post. The attacker pardoned again soon after, with a kick that came a few inches from the visiting goal. It seemed placid to Fraga, though statistics always mislead. Marc Puigvert, local goalkeeper, saved his family several times. Him Peña Azagresa He gripped the rear, but flew off. The same movie was screened in the second half. One team in attack and another waiting. But the navarra team grew over the minutes and found the decisive goal in the 70th minute. The fraga He died attacking on the beach but said goodbye. In a game of 32 pitches in total, it seems incredible that only one has decided to enter the first round. Either way, they can both be proud to have left all the grass. In football there is only one winner and the Peña Azagresa will raise money from the city's festivities bingo to win gold with a First Division visit …

Comillas 1 (3) – Barquereño 1 (2)

Him World Cup 82 He fell apart after four minutes of play. Jadraque scored the first goal of the game and the bag full of responsibility for entering the first round of the tournament. King's Cup He has already dropped to the ground to concentrate on winning. But everything got complicated when a brave Barquereño tied up with a lot Iñaki. Normal to flood when dozens and dozens of visiting fans moved to Logroño Live with your players a historic match. And while this condition arises from the opportunity to Cup, the meeting went to memory. Up to 16 shots on goal between the two teams, plus another significant number of arrivals. Only two goals were celebrated and thus reached the extension and later the penalty shootout. In the fateful lot, the electronic reflected a two-way draw after three pitches. Then the pressure returned, which sentenced the visitors. Finally the Quotations He classified himself into a final incapacity for the heart. The action on penalties tastes even better.

Intercity 3 – Gran Tarajal 0

Him Intercity demonstrated its full potential in the preliminary round of the King's Cup. The Alicante team, which has great aspirations and aims to achieve professional football sooner or later, was clearly superior to Great tarajal and advance your goals before a First division in the tournament of Knockout. Jordan He soon passed his, ten minutes after the game. He has encountered bad luck since retiring injured at 15.. There was no problem with David Torres as your goal substitute. The striker placed the second in the 21st minute and left the qualifying round for sentencing. Sant Joan He saw the relaxation of his players, who handed the ball to a docile visiting team. When the meeting seemed numb, David Torres reappeared to close a 3-0 record. May the giants walk with their eyes, may the Intercity Enough to stay.

The Alamo 2 – Pedroñeras 1

One more Madrid team at hype on Sunday. Him Poplar He qualified for the first round of the Cup in one of the most exciting matches in the preliminary round. The residents scored three times in the first 20 minutes, but in football it is worth the goal and the first was Pedroñeras Penalty Antonio Matas, at 39 ele, he did justice to what was seen on the grass and tied the competition. The audience of Facundo Rivas He grew, jumped and vibrated with his players, trying to bring them to glory. It would cost them, given the effort of Pedroñeras resist and resist until the extra time. But those who follow her understand and Flores was the local hero. In their goal, the foundations shook. In the absence of 13 minutes, Poplar He made history. He will play against Primera in a stadium that, at least today, seemed to be in the highest category.

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Ramón y Cajal 1 – The Palmar 2

El Palmar made his senior team status effective and closed his rankings to compete with the best in the first round. Murcia's team did not dominate clearly, but imposed their superiority on the grass. At seven minutes, Álex Flavored silenced Alfonso Murube with the first goal of the game. Before half an hour arrived, Salinas turned a maximum penalty and practically closed his pass. Regardless of, the Ramon and Cajal, which will not compete until January, He had fresh legs and left after resuming to bite and draw the tie. Startled with his goal 50 minutes into the game, but he was in a mirage. Murcia took control of the game and only suffered in the final stretch. Two days ago, his headquarters was stolen and sports equipment was gone. Today, they are in the new Cup. Soccer.

Atlético Antoniano 2 – Atlético Porcuna 0

One of the least emotional parts of the preliminary round was lived in the Lebrija Municipal Field. Half an hour before the duel, the stadium was already full, the result of a club call to make the rival feel the fear of the stage.. It became evident in the field when Alberto ahead of Atletico Antoniano on 13 minutes and Pepelu, who debuted with Betis in the Europa League, made the second just ten years later. The locals continued to dominate an Atletico Porcuna, who tried unsuccessfully. They had no aim and ended up paying. If they had any hope of ending with an end, the expulsion fifteen of the end condemned them. The great ones await you.

CD Melilla 1 – Lobón 0

It's football max and the modest fields wouldn't be smaller. Those who follow understand. This happened in La Espiguera, where Melilla subjected Lobón to hell for 90 minutes. Attack, attack. Shot, shot down. But Extremadura endured with pundonor and agonically forced the extension. It was to look at the statistics and not give credit for the draw: 8-1 on goal kicks, 8-3 on throws, 10-2 on corners … The goal was falling and eventually came. In the 99th minute, the locals celebrated the decisive goal and their qualification for the first round. The Lobón died on the beach after a constant tidal wave. A first will have to catch a plane.