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The VAR has intervened in four Barcelona games this season and has not benefited – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The VAR has intervened in four Barcelona games this season and has not benefited

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The refereeing of Alberola Rojas at Real Sociedad-Barcelona and the non-intervention of VOR by Gil Manzano, referee of the same match at VAR, were not appreciated by the Barça club. According to Cadena SER, there is tremendous anger at the club and Bartomeu will ask Luis Rubiales, president of RFEF for explanations, why VAR did not intervene in Piqué in the area. A move very similar to what happened in the first half and ended up pointing the maximum penalty in favor of San Sebastian.

The relationship with Barcelona-VAR is not being the most beneficial for Catalans. This season they have suffered four interventions of this tool in their matches and none of them have been for their benefit. Although none of them were decisive in deciding the party's signal.

VAR's first intervention in a Barcelona match was at Camp Nou against Valencia. On 27 minutes, a goal was denied to Gameiro for offside, but by VOR Del Cerro Grande warned Sánchez Martínez that the goal should be validated and go up the scoring. The match ended 5-2 in favor of Valverde.

The second was at Los Cármenes, in the 2-0 win at Granada. In the second half, Mateu Lahoz advised Cuadra Fernández to go to the monitor to see Vidal's hand inside the area. In the end, the penalty was awarded and Vadillo transformed it.

In Levante-Barcelona, ​​video arbitration acted twice. The first was to correct a misidentification of Hernández Hernández for an entry in Morales. The Canary referee punished the foul with yellow Luis Suarez, but then rectified at the request of the VAR and showed it to Arthur. An intervention that was neither for the benefit nor for the evil of the Catalans. It would be 74 when this tool came back in void a goal for Messi for a previous offside by Griezmann. In this match there was a stir for Messi's first goal. In the penalty shoot-out at Semedo, Griezmann was blocked, but it was about twenty seconds from the moment his anti-regulatory position occurred until the maximum penalty was committed. What Produced a short discussion about how far a part in VAR should be reviewed and when a part ends and endssince the rear of the Levant was rearranged. In the end, this non-intervention by the VAR favored Barcelona.

Last season's tonic was very different from this campaign. Barcelona have had eight interventions, six for and two against. Although they were not decisive to change the sign of the party.