Spanish football

The Yeclano beats and goes down from the cloud to Real Murcia – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Yeclano returns the Real Murcia to reality. The Grena lived a great moment after winning the Copa Federación and taking the derby against Cartagena but all that is forgotten after falling to the team of Sandroni, who with this victory is in third position. For its part, Adrián Hernandez’s pupils look again with concern at the lower zone as they are two points away from the playout position and approach the descent before visiting Badajoz, second.

The match began with pace, with approaches to the areas. Camps and Selfa warned of the danger to stopped ball of the Yeclano, while Serna avoided Edu Luna’s goal over the line. In that action, after several rejections, moon and Chumbi proved their fortune uncertainly. The visiting reply was not kept waiting. Goal of Alayeto by taking advantage of an error from Lejárraga, who did not block a foul executed by Fenoll.

From there until halftime the Real Murcia took a pass forward and took control although he only had one chance, a header from Antonio López who left outside. The locals did not take advantage of their best minutes to set the boards and around the dressing rooms was the Yeclano who took the handle. However, Serna was again instrumental in avoiding Dorrio’s goal.

As the second period progressed, the authority of the Yeclano was imposing themomente. In contrast, Real Murcia was running out of capacity to hurt his opponent. The departure of Melgar and Peque by Chumbi and Josema, missing, had no effect.

The Yeclano’s sentence was close. A goal was overturned to Tonete, which was almost little in the forward position, and Fenoll sent the spherical to the wood. In addition, Cowboy failed in a control that would have left him hand-in-hand with Lejárraga. In the addition, with Armando ejected, Dorrio was able to tie but did not take advantage of Ubay’s mistake to achieve it. His attempted vaseline to Serna found no goal.