Spanish football

The Zamora is the Spanish Liverpool – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool cup every week the covers of the international press so it is being a historic Premier League as far as an admirable balance of results is concerned. The ‘reds’ lead the table with 58 points out of 60 possible or, what’s the same, 19 wins and a draw. In Spain, there is a team that has nothing to envy. With a much lower budget and without so many focusons on the Silver Route, Zamora rides firmly towards Second Division B of our football, in a record-breaking historic year and exactly with the same record as the current European champion. In his trees, today there was much illusion and not a single ounce of coal.

The Zamora, to this day, 19 consecutive victories, 18 of them in the league championship. It is not an anecdotal figure, as no Third Division team had achieved this balance in history. It has already surpassed the record of 15 matches in a row of the Arandina and now aims to reach 20 o’s, precisely from the Arandina, albeit with the nuance that these arrived in different seasons. You’ll wonder, what’s the remaining victory that makes the Zamorano team have 19 matches celebrating? David Movilla’s not only impose their law on clubs in the same category, but also gave the copera macate in front of a LaLiga SmartBank giant: the Sporting.

That day, Sergio Garcia he emerged as a hero with a double to overthrow a top-of-the-box team. “We had no respect for Zamora and gave away the first half” said José Alberto. Beyond that, the truth is that the Third Division club came across to impose their football, something that caught a surprise in a Sporting that starred in some of the negative surprises of the first round. Now it is the Mallorca that will travel to the Silver Route, with an eye to permanence and to bring down the most consistent wall, not only of Spanish football, but of the whole European landscape. For since that distant month of August, in which the competition began, no one has managed to knock down the Zamorans. Unanswerable merit.

The Playoff will give them a second chance

That’s the Third Division of Spanish football. It doesn’t matter to be first, break records or make history. Everything is decided by a playoff, in which many more factors come into play: displacement, injuries, weather, arbitrations, fitness… The Zamora knows this firsthand. Last season finished Group VIII in first place and everything seemed to indicate a return to Second B. However first with the Haro Deportivo and then with the Alcobendas, the shipwreck cluband was sentenced to fight one more year in the fourth national category. Now, except hecatombe, he knows he will fight again at the crosses for reaching the top: after the conclusion of the first round gets 13 points to second-placed and 21st! to the fifth. Of course, seen, in the first half of the season, it would be a hecatombe to let go of such an income.

The Zamora is a family

The pre-season paradox

In four of the pre-season matches, he didn’t feel, much less, that Zamora was going to tear it apart in such a way. However, you saw faces with top-notch teams. He drew against Guijuelo and won Salamanca 1-0. He lost 0-1 to the Cultural Leonesa and, behold the great paradox, was severely punished by the Sporting subsidiary!, against which they lost by five goals to one. Who would say that four months later it would be the first Asturian team the opponent in the Copa del Rey and that the result would be diametrically opposed. But by then, the situation had completely changed. Trust is everything and the Zamora squandered it on all four sides. The second round will be another story. Or not…

Surprising self-criticism

In Zamora, your feet are kept on the ground, even though there are reasons that invite euphoria. Since the Burgos Promesas, on the second day of the championship, will make a point in their direct match, there is not a single team that has not been defeated in you. Still David Movilla, his coach, does not forgive the slightest mistake, knowing that the road is stony and the Playoff does not understand bad days. With 46 points out of 48 possible, certainly an unbeatable situation, the coach released a strong review of the state of the team as soon as to defeat Cristo Atlético by two goals to one: “We have defended frankly wrong. They have generated much more from us than we expected and much more than we should allow. There have been parts that have been a street run. Playing this lottery will miss points, for sure“.

However, smiles are common in the press room, as long as conformism does not prevail. “I’m satisfied, but I think the balances are better done at the end of the season. Defeats are coming, the bad times, but this team is ready for those adversity. The strange thing is what they’ve done so far. The best is to come.” Always in a marked style, he defined his captain Dani Hernandez in an interview with AS: “We really like to subdue the opponent and put pressure on the opposing team. We like to have the ball and Enjoy playing football.” To enjoy the public of the Silver Route and that of anyone who has had the possibility to see the Spanish Liverpool. As with the ‘reds’, fate will say, but if the road is also the goal, in Zamora they can be satisfied.