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Thebes: "I'm not disappointed; something strange happened in this match" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Thebes: "I'm not disappointed; something strange happened in this match"

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Javier Tebas, who will again be president of LaLiga in a few days and complainant in 2013 of the Levante-Zaragoza case, He respects the sentence and is proud of LaLiga's fight against lovers.

"We should highlight the work of all law enforcement agencies, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and LaLiga employees who have fought and will continue to do so against any indication of sports corruption of any kind. That something strange happened in that game, nobody doubts that (Earlier money, payrolls invented, some say they didn't collect premiums and some do …) Our obligation with the signs is to report, investigate and try to remove the scourge. "

And he adds: "I am not sad or disappointed, I am never happy with convictions as fair as they may be, or with the acquittals of so many questions. I'm glad this scourge has been eliminated from professional football and everyone knows that we are very considerate. I must thank the police and the Anticorruption for their impeccable involvement and work. "

LaLiga Official Statement

"Regarding the trial notified this morning by Valencia Criminal Court No. 7 on the procedure" Levante – Zaragoza ", LaLiga wishes to declare:

That case began with a complaint to the National Police of Mr. Javier Tebas Medrano. Following this complaint and relevant investigations, the National Police sent the data obtained to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, who initiated an investigation process. Following this investigation, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor was prosecuted against a number of Real Zaragoza S.A.D. players, coaches and executives, including him as a legal entity. Once LaLiga's complaint was admitted, it appeared as a popular accusation. In the first instance, the instruction was shelved and subsequently reopened by the Valencia Provincial Court, considering that there were criminal indications.

LaLiga wants to declare, after this long process in which it accompanied the National Police, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and other charges, Their deepest respect for the decisions of the courts, whatever they may be.

LaLiga will continue to fight against any possible tampering with its competitions by reporting to the appropriate authorities indications of behavior that it could attempt against the integrity of LaLiga. "

AFE statement

"With regard to the ruling known today by Valencia's chief of criminal court number 7 in the trial for adjusting the meeting between Levante and Zaragoza, the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) as players' union, wishes to express the following:

AFE, as stated earlier during the course of the investigation, He wants to show his support to all affected colleagues because he is protected by the presumption of innocence, as set out in Article 24 of the Spanish Constitution, and were finally dismissed from any charge.

Similarly, Our association expresses its full respect for all decisions and resolutions of the Courts of Justice.

From the football union, we also want to take advantage of this first macro cause of such a crime in Spain to ratify our firm commitment against any unsportsmanlike practice that stains the playing field and raise awareness against those unsportsmanlike practices with several actions taken by the Union Integrity Department.

As it shows, In all visits to the Spanish men's and women's locker rooms, AFE representatives insist on the legal framework in this regard, because these practices are typified in the Penal Code.

In addition, during the integrity conference held at the association's headquarters on November 28, AFE has filed a manifesto for fair play and against bad practices in the betting field, shared by soccer players and soccer players from our country.

On the same day, a video was also presented to raise awareness in the locker room against fraud and damage to parties. It explains the main threats and challenges faced daily by fair play, and the penalties and penalties that violators are exposed to. From matchmaking, third party bonuses, sports betting, doping or discrimination and incitement to violence.

For its part, AFE has collaborated with state security forces and agencies for some time. eradicate any criminal practices in relation to possible encounters ".