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by: Adam Smith


These were the last five league classics at Camp Nou


The last five classics in turns on at the Camp nou between him Barça it's him Real Madrid They had everything and left no one indifferent. & # 39; Handyman & # 39 ;, triumphs of both teams, twists, & # 39; hat tricks & # 39; and of course controversial. Two wins for Catalans, a white triumph and two draws in terms of results and a protagonist who shone with his own light. Barça striker Luis Suarez, who scored in four of five games and managed a total of six goals, including a hat trick last season.

Season 2014-2015

2-1: Decisive victory for another Catalan league

Barça and Real Madrid They came side by side ahead of qualifying for the Camp Nou classic, so the match was decisive for winning the championship. It was the last classic of Casillas Iker with Real Madrid's shirt at Barça Coliseum and could not say goodbye with a victory. Real Madrid dominated in the first half, but it was Barça who opened the scoring with a Mathieu goal in a foul by Neymar on 19 minutes.

Cristiano Ronaldo He scored the equalizer in half an hour in a sensational Tyrolean game, with Modric passing the ball to Benzema, who subtly jumped the ball into Cristiano Ronaldo to beat Bravo. The Portuguese went to the stands, making the gesture of calm with their arms, which led to the wrath of Camp Nou.


Either team got this win, but in the end all three points remained in Barcelona. 56 minutes passed when Dani Alves made a long pass and passed the ball to Luis Suarez who controlled the ball and hit Casillas to put Barça back in front. Real Madrid lost bellows and the Catalans managed to score.

The triumph stayed at home and it was crucial for Luis Enrique's Barça to win the League. In the last ten days of the league, Barca have only drawn two for Real Madrid. It was a decisive classic in a league of over 90 points.

Season 2015-2016

1-2: Zidane debuts with victory at Camp Nou

Real Madrid's last triumph in Camp Nou's league game came four seasons ago on April 2, 2016. Cristiano Ronaldo culminated in a white comeback, giving his team three points in their debut as coach of Zinedine Zidane on the day that he four months after his arrival to the team, replacing Rafa Benítez.

Gerard Piqué opened the scoring in a corner, but Real Madrid did not fall and went into the game, arriving several times. Barça center was also the protagonist in the goal of the white draw, not measuring well the jump and allowing Benzema to finish a center of the German Toni Kroos.


Sergio Ramos was sent off, but despite playing with ten, the white team went to victory. Gareth Bale climbed to the second post, where Cristiano Ronaldo controlled, cut the defender and beat Claudio Bravo. The three points were of little use to Real Madrid, as Barcelona were champions with one point more than their eternal rival.

Season 2016-2017

1-1: Barça forgiven in Luis Enrique's last Camp Nou classic

Him Barça I didn't know how to finish Real Madrid in the classic of December 3rd 2016 the last of Luis Henrique at Camp Nou, and ended up losing two points for a goal of Sergio Ramos in a foul thrown by Luka Modric in the last minute of the match. The draw allowed them to extend the Zinedine Zidane 33 straight games without losing.

The controversy was not lacking in the first minutes of the match. Real Madrid stated a penalty by the demolition of Mascherano Lucas Vázquez and a few minutes later Barça did the same at the hands of Sergio Ramos in a Sergi Roberto. It was a match of power to power, with Real Madrid leading the initiative in the first half.


Luis Suarez He opened the scoring when Neymar's foul ended in the 52nd minute and the Brazilian sentenced him twelve minutes later, with a clear shot into the area that went to the clouds in the face of all Camp Nou's wailing. Iniesta and Messi also managed to score the second before Real Madrid returned to command.

Cristiano Ronaldo He missed a clear chance in a shot at the second post after a center by Marcelo and Sergio Ramos also had the equalizer in a header that rose little by little. Barça resisted and caressed the victory when Sergio Ramos was about to save his team to meet regulation time.

Season 2017-2018

2-2: Iniesta's last classic with Barça already champions

Him Real Madrid refused to do the salon for Barça in a classic that the Catalans came with the title in their pocket and who saved heroically after playing with ten all the second half by the expulsion of Sergi Roberto by knocking Marcelo At the end of the first semester. He was the first classic of the Extremadura coach at Camp Nou and the last of his career for Andrés Iniesta, who started but couldn't say goodbye with a victory.

No team has played anything but a classic is always a classic and sometimes it looked like the League was still alive. Marked Luis Suarez ten minutes after completing a Sergi Roberto center. Cristiano Ronaldo responded five minutes later with a goal in which he was injured after receiving a penalty from Gerard Pique. The Portuguese saw the second part of the bank.


The game increased decibels in the final stretch of the first half with a tackle of Sergio Ramos for Luis Suarez This ignited the mood of the players. Messi took revenge with a kick to the captain of Madrid and the referee pardoned the expulsion of Gareth Bale not seeing a clear kick to Umtiti in the twin. The cover was made by Sergi Roberto, who fell under Marcelo's provocation and was expelled after the Brazilian remembered Pepe's saviors.

Leo Messi He put Barca ahead again, already ten on the field, in the second half of a play preceded by Suarez's lack for Varane. The Catalans resisted and would have scored the third if the referee had not annulled a goal against Suarez in a play starring Jordi Alba. Real Madrid ended up leveling with a great shot from Gareth Bale on Marco Asensio's pass.

Season 2018-2019

5-1: Luis Suarez made Leo Messi forget in the first classic with VAR

Him latest classic in the League at Camp Nou had as a big absent Leo Messi, injured a few weeks earlier in a match against Sevilla. Luis Suarez He did not lose his commitment to the goal and, for the third consecutive time at Camp Nou, scored against the white team. This time, there were three goals that developed the team of Julen Lopetegui, who entered the game very thrilled and was fired after hitting a hand.

It was the first classic with VAR and this came into play within half an hour of the match, so the referee fouls Varane over Suarez, who scored his first goal and scored 2-0 after Coutinho opened the scoring after finishing an assist from Jordi Alba.


Real Madrid woke up in the second half and Marcelo reduced the differences. The whites went for a draw and Sergio Ramos and Benzema had some good times before the Barça festival started as Suárez as a soloist.

In a magical quarter hour final, Barca overflowed an opponent completely outnumbered by his rival's speed. Suarez He made the third at 75, after a powerful header without lifting his feet off the center of Sergi Roberto, to repeat eight minutes later in a break. Arturo Vidal was added to the party marking the fifth to three minutes from the end.

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