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"They must create a golden ball only for Cristiano and Messi" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Withdrawal: "I will play until the illusion is overturned. I will enjoy all I can of football as long as I keep feeling good. I take good care of myself and hope to continue well for many years."

YouCoach?: "I don't consider doing something that is not tied to football. On a professional level, I would like to be tied to football, because that's what I learned the most and want to teach people. I don't rule out training or being tied tomorrow in a certain way."

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Which champions do you prefer?: "Champions are like my children, I can't say who I want more."

Zidane: "We are very pleased that he is the leader of this ship, because he is the one who knows us best and who can get us the best."

The Lisbon objective: "The meaning of the Champions League for Real Madrid has changed a little after that dry space without beating & # 39; Orejona & # 39; at 93 minutes in Lisbon … It was the most representative moment of recent years not only mine but also Real Madrid's. It combined us, changed that story and won three times in a row. "

Golden balls: "They could make one gold ball just for both of them and, depending on the results, another for the rest. In the end, it would be better for football (laughs)."

Your trajectory: "I feel proud. In the end, it is something that no one has given me. Behind the walls is all the work, the sacrifice, the dedication and the constancy. Because it is not just to arrive, it is to be maintained. behind that, there are a lot of people who don't know, success is no accident. "

Exercises for kids"I always remember a beach with my dad, we went into the water and he threw me balls and I nodded, I played and finally formed a virtue. I will always have to thank my dad for what he patented without giving us." I'm always convinced that I'm going to finish the ball. "

An example: "May my legacy serve to inspire millions of children that when you fight for something, things are fulfilled and can be achieved. If people consider me a reference, it will be an achievement and a success for me."