Spanish football

"They told us we had to go together and let's go together" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, appeared before the media on Tuesday in the previous League Classic against Barcelona, ​​which was postponed and will be played on Wednesday, December 18 at 20h. The French coach reviewed the team's status, absences and pre-match situation.

Real Madrid to the classic: "I think it's good. We have been playing well for some time. At all levels, emotionally and football. We have arrived at a good time."

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Preclassical situation: "I don't know if it's a defeat. It's a different thing. The rules are the rules. They said we have to go out together and go out together. We don't have to explain anymore. The important thing is that we play and that's it."

Risk of not playing: "Never. We have to put our energy on the field and think it's going to play. It's the only way to prepare it well. Outside, we could be talking for a week. Tomorrow we'll play and put all the energy."

Camp Nou tracks or insults and possible suspension or stopping: "The referee should be calm and you should let him do his work. He wants to get in the game to do things as well as we and Barcelona. Many things are said, but people want to watch a game. , but it's for nothing. "

Stinks Valverde: "Valverde does very well. This is the value of this club, which has always had the best. It is showing that it can be here. We are all focused on tomorrow's game and then I will have to make the decisions as a coach."

Concerns: "I don't care about anything. We're all happy to be able to play a game like this. I remember when I played and it's a game you live in. Just focus on the field."

Situation in Catalonia: "I don't need to explain anything. I'm not here for that. My job is to think about what happens on the pitch. We work to play and prepare games. Most of them want to play football, and that's what we like." to all"

Barcelona complaints about the referee: "I don't think it's a measure of pressure. Everyone can give their opinion and say what they want."

Team work: "It's always important. We've been doing this for a long time. We have been walking energetically, anxiously, but not just playing. We also train well and that is the consequence. The important thing is to prepare and we are."

Enjoy the classic: "You can have fun, yes. It's a soccer game. We play eleven against eleven and the changes. This is important. We know who we face. We know he has Messi, but we also have our weapons.

Burden: "This is a thing of the past. Bale is with us and he is one more. He is an important player and has proved it. Tomorrow he will be prepared like everyone else. I have no doubt."