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This is Intercity: "Professional, ambitious and familiar" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This is Intercity: "Professional, ambitious and familiar"

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Only three years old, Intercity has gained fame for several reasons. And all of them, positive. The San Juan club is promoted per year. It started in the Second Regional and this year is already struggling to enter Second Division B. The project, led by Salvador Martí and Javier Mira, is serious. Their desire is to reach professional football and they are making a major investment.. In addition, in the early months of the new year, it intends to be publicly negotiated, becoming the first Spanish club to do so.

In his squad there are contrasting and tanned players in higher categories. All players are professionals and, for many, are jealous of a third amateur.. Intercity does not meet the team's modest script because their visions go further. The World Cup is the perfect showcase to promote a project supported by two business owners who own a facial biometrics company (the match against Athletic will be played in Martínez Valero). Paco Peña, his captain, submits to the AS Test. At 41, he dreams of making history in the KO tournament.

<figure id = "summary_1 | photo" onclick = "javascript: widePhoto (this, & # 39; /futbol/imagenes/2019/11/28/copa_del_rey/1574976191_315039_1574976319_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , & # 39; 651 & # 39 ;, & # 39; The Cup Qualifier The usual Intercity stadium will be played at Martínez Valero, after failing to meet the conditions required by RFEF.

The World Cup qualifier will be played at Martínez Valero after failing to meet the conditions required by RFEF at the usual Intercity stadium.

Paco Peña, in the AS test:

1. The new Copa del Rey is ….
An illusion for modest teams. It is the shape of dreams.

2. Who do you dream of facing in this new format?
Atletico, the rival that touched us. It is a prestigious team that takes the tournament very seriously.

3. Which Spanish soccer player have you signed up for on your team?
For Santi Cazorla, because it is an example of improvement and is at a great time.

4. Choose: Reach the Copa del Rey semifinals or climb this season.

5. Define your club in three words.
Professional, ambitious and familiar.

6. Define the place your club represents in three words.
Hardworking, close and very social.

7. What does your team play?
The system is 4-4-2. Our idea is to treat the ball well, look for quick associations and high pressure.

8. What is your best memory of Copa del Rey?
When I faced Jerez de los Caballeros, the team of my people, Depor de Naybet, Bebeto, Mauro Silva … It was my first year in the professional category. Depose was in First and we had just climbed to Second B.

9. Eliminating the rival would be a feat, which is the biggest thing he remembers in football?
We beat Barça 0-2 with Hercules, first in the 2010-11 season. It was Messi's Barça and all its stars.

10. The new Copa del Rey invites you to dream, do you dare to challenge if you win the trophy?
I would go to the Holy Face Monastery barefoot.

The Intercity, in data

Full name: CF Intercity.
Locality representing: San Juan de Alicante (23,518).
Province: Alicante.
Usual stage: San Juan Sports Center.
Category: Group VI of the Third Division.