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This is Peña Deportiva, "fight, fight and more fight" team – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This is Peña Deportiva, "fight, fight and more fight" team

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Another of those harmed by the RFEF headquarters hype is Peña Deportiva. Of all those representing Second Division B, only three unfortunates (plus those who reached the place by other means) crossed the First or Second Club. Ponferradina will therefore have to visit the Santa Eulalia del Río Municipality (Ibizan municipality, with 36,457 inhabitants). It sounds like a clearly placid trip: a smaller rival, try one of Spain's most touristy beach resorts in winter … But the island party is reserved for only one team and this will be the winner. For this, & # 39; Ponfe & # 39; will have to overcome one of the revelation sets in all of Second Division B. It's not typical for a newly promoted to get the records Raúl Casañ's team is getting.

Peña Deportiva rubs his shoulders with the biggest of Group I and is one of the teams with the most goals in the category. despite losing bellows in recent days. For a riot and a riot, the club is much more than football. He also belongs to his people, organizes meals and encourages sports development representing athletics, handball, cycling, gymnastics, futsal or even chess. Also other cultural disciplines such as theater or tutoring. They even like to act as fortune tellers on social networks. "The number is the year of foundation (31,335) and on December 22 the day of retirement"they play on Twitter as a campaign for their Christmas lottery. If it rings and there is a drop, there will be about thirty people who will have to wait for the retirement mentioned above. Juan Cup Fernando Mari Juan, its president, talked to the AS in the previous one.

Juan Fernando Mari Juan, in the AS test:

1. The new Copa del Rey is …
Better than the last. It is new and the news must be well accepted and at least tested.

2. Who do you dream of facing in this new format?
For one of the big ones. Although we have a small field, one of the big ones. Starting with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético, Valencia … Anyone who wants to come, welcome ..

3. Which Spanish soccer player have you signed up for on your team?
Those who deserve to play the Copa del Rey are the ones who got up and are doing this great season. I keep the ones we have.

4. Choose: Reach the Copa del Rey semifinals or climb this season.
I keep coming to the semifinals, because switching to a team like ours would be almost impossible. At least one experience like this … takes the dance off.

5. Define your club in three words.
Fight, fight, fight.

6. Define the place your club represents in three words.
Football, tradition and people.

7. What does your team play?
We know very well what we play. And we play what we know (laughs) …

8. What is your best memory of Copa del Rey?
A draw by Peña Deportiva in the Alcoyano field (in 2014). We were third, they were in second B. At 90 minutes we tied, in extra time we also tied and lost in the penalty shootout at number ten. We played ten each team and the tenth failed.

9. Eliminating the rival would be a feat, which is the biggest thing he remembers in football?
I'm not a big music lover, but what Iceland did in the 2016 European Championship, going so far (it fell in the quarterfinals against France).

10. The new Copa del Rey invites you to dream, do you dare to challenge if you win the trophy?
We would make it the sports city Peña so badly needs, so Santa Eulalia's basic football has the facilities it deserves.

La Peña Deportiva, in data

Full name: Peña Deportiva Santa Eulalia Cultural and Recreational Society.
Locality representing: Santa Eulalia del Rio (36,457 inhabitants).
Community: Balearic Islands.
Usual stage: Santa Eulalia del Río Municipal Field (1,500 spectators).
Category: Group I of Second Division B.