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This is Portugalete: "Humble, Professional and Hardworking" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This is Portugalete: "Humble, Professional and Hardworking"

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El Portu, before another historic opportunity at the Copa del Rey. Not the Real Sociedad player, but the PortugaleteSuch a small team with a very large history. It represents a city of the same name in the province of Biscay with 45,826 inhabitants. Plus, carry it in your bag More than 100 years of history and various cooperative experiences. Before the centenary, the Valence He crossed his path in sixteen years and eliminated him (2008-09). Two seasons later it was the Getafe his performer in a very even tie (1-1) that was resolved by the goal scored by Madrid in La Florida. That day he could change his story, but fate wanted to reserve the full potential of the club for the new format. Will Extremadura suffer? Whatever happens, the Almendralejo team will not be easy.

And is that Portugalete carves its future with perseverance and determination, with 400 children training daily to reach the first team in the coming years. In addition, it has an unconditional hobby and that certainly will have scratched his pocket to complete the collection of cards directed by the entity from social networks. As if that wasn't enough, your attacker Guemes It is intended for several Second B clubs and they have an international team. Yaser Hamed, already undisputed with Palestine, is the wall that closes the goal of La Florida. Yes, no matter how much Portu plays in the Third Division, he accuses the interruption of the selections as if it were a big one. Of course the great thing is relative, because in Third Modesty, greatness is a part of every corner. The center is responsible for responding to the AS test, also answered shortly after landing the plane that took it with its national team. In Extremadura, they have reason to worry.

<figure id = "summary_1 | photo" onclick = "javascript: broadFoto (this, & # 39; /futbol/imagenes/2019/12/04/copa_del_rey/1575485344_788293_1575485766_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , & # 39; 382 & # 39 ;, & # 39; Yaser Hamed, en a match with the Palestinian team. /

Yaser Hamed, in a match with the Palestinian team.

Yaser Hamed, in the AS test:

1. The new Copa del Rey is …
Fairer and more likely for weaker teams with a lower economic budget. Being a unique party in the house of the humble and putting the forts in the first round … It's more beautiful to watch, different and will be played more fairly.

2. Who do you dream of facing in this new format?
For the Athletic Club of Bilbao. I have been there for five years playing. In the end, I was lucky to play at the club and, on top, I'm from Athletic. It would be a dream to face them.

3. Which Spanish soccer player have you signed up for on your team?
You can't Messi, right? (Laughter) I would also sign Sergio Ramos so he could be a central couple with me.

4. Choose: Reach the Copa del Rey semifinals or climb this season.
This is hard. I would say it will rise this year, but it will also reach the semifinals … That a team as humble as the Portuguese will face the best and move on would be historic and already signed. But it is also true that Portugalete has this thorn stuck two years in a row trying to climb and is very desired. I keep both of them.

5. Define your club in three words.
Professional, hardworking and humble.

6. Define the place your club represents in three words.
Familiar, united and ambitious. Something has happened recently and the whole city has gone out to defend the cause, which is why I say that.

7. What does your team play?
We play to master the ball, to own the game. Have ownership and be the team that proposes.

8. What is your best memory of Copa del Rey?
What the Mirandes did, which reached the semifinals playing in Second B. My grandmother, uncle, and mother are from Miranda de Ebro and I've been on vacation there since childhood. For all that happened, it was a great memory. The first leg I lived at home with a lot of emotion. Second hand, I was the country boy and I will keep that memory forever. Look at the Mirandés at this level, a team from Segundo B that didn't know many people. I remember Pablo Infante, who was Pichichi in the tournament.

9. Eliminating the rival would be a feat, which is the biggest thing he remembers in football?
This goal from Fernando Torres in the European Championship final against Germany.

10. The new Copa del Rey invites you to dream, do you dare to challenge if you win the trophy?
I play in the Bilbao estuary (laughs).

Portugalete, in data

Full name: Portugalete Club.
Locality representing: Portugalete (45,826 inhabitants).
Province: Biscay.
Usual stage: Florida (5,000 spectators).
Category: Group IV of the Third Division.