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“To this day I don’t even know if the Atalanta is going to be able to come” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Deputy Director-General of Epidemology, Health Surveillance and Environmental Health, Herme Vanaclocha Luna, reported on the preventive measures that Valencia fans who traveled to Milan will be asked to do, as well as what can happen in the game back against Atalanta.

24/02/2020 at 18:10


Alex Carazo

The situation of coronavirus in northern Italy, with more than 200 affected and a total of six deaths, has led the Italian authorities to take measures to insulate dozens of populations in the Lombardy and Veneto regions in the northern transalpine country. The Atalanta is a club in the city of Bergamo, a city 60 kilometers from Milan, and both belong to the Lombardy area.

In this way, Vanaclocha has spoken out on the second leg of the Champions League eighth-round qualifier between the Italian and Valencia. Many fans are expected to move to Mestalla to cheer his team, and no decision has yet been made firmly. However, the Deputy Director General commented: “To this day I don’t even know if that team is going to be able to come“.

It is a team from Bergamo, it is within the region of Lombardy… from here to March 10 they will spend many days, it will be valued with football clubs and the Ministry of Health. In Bergamo right now there is nothing but we will have to see it in the area where it is“Vanaclocha added.

The Health authorities of the Generalitad of the Valencian Community have announced that they will inform fans who traveled to Milan about the measures they should take if they have symptoms similar to those of Coronavirus. Vanaclocha has stated that “the risk is very low”, in reference to the possibility of contagion of these persons, and that no further action is needed at this time.