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TOLOSA 0 – REAL VALLADOLID 3 Aguado scores Miguel’s desire in goal – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Real Valladolid performed in Tolosa with a revolutionary line-up, with substitutes and Promesas players. Sergio’s wanted to take the initiative from the beginning and assert their senior category, but the Tolosarra ensemble seemed to have the lesson well learned and devoted himself to stuning the game based on continuing fouls, some like the one Mario committed about Corral cost the Basque central the yellow and may even have been a color closer to red, but Cordero Vega was soft on his decisions.

The foul on the edge of the area came off with a good throw from Alcaraz that stopped with problems Rubén García. Unal, willing but somewhat lost, found himself to mark the first goal of the game in the 20th minute, after taking advantage of a good service from Antoñito in a move of violet continuity in attack. The mastery of The First team also did not become too many occasions of danger, though less created the Tolosa, whose offensive balance was reduced to a corner kick and a long-distance throw from Aierbe that went far above Lunin.

Shield/Royal Flag Valladolid

As a sign of the different arbitral criterion is the card Luismi saw for a midfield crash, when tolosarra performance was much tougher in those first 45 minutes. 0-1 and on break, after which the Spanish group stepped on the accelerator and its physical superiority made the difference, supported by the highest quality. Miguel’s entry gave him more strength and depth in attack and Tudela’s intervened in the two goals that closed the scoring.

The 0-2 was born in a Anuar’s ball robbery in midfield, in-depth service collected by Miguel, passing the death and completion of Aguado arriving in Carrera in the 57th minute. With the Tolosa already out, Valladolid handled the ball at will, the local intensity came down and came a against blanquivioleta, initiated by Aguado, wall again with Miguel and Aguado made the 0-3 in the 64th minute, which almost ended the match.

The two teams thereafter slowed down the pace of play even further and marking options were scarce, to the point that the Tolosa celebrated a corner in the final minutes. Valladolid completed the process before or Third, with Aguado as goalscorer and with the positive note to see the desire that Miguel put in at 45 minutes he played. Of Lunin little to say, he did not intervene once.