Euro 2020

Towards Euro 2020, the Danish legend: Peter Schmeichel – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


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One of the best goalkeepers in the history of football, he became a legend one evening in late June 1992. We’re talking about Peter Schmeichel, the historic goalkeeper of the Manchester United Danish national team.

His adventure with his country’s national team began in 1987. At the age of 24, Peter Schmeichel, begins to defend the poles of Denmark and, from there, no one will kick him until April 2001, the day when he bids farewell at the age of 38. The goalkeeper, in fact, participated in the World 1998 and all editions of the European 1988 to 2000.

It is precisely in an edition of the European That Schmeichel becomes a legend. In 1992, in fact, due to the Balkan war, the Yugoslavia is excluded from the European Sweden and, in its place, the Sweden Denmark who had missed access to the continental exhibition and, among the players summoned a few days before the start of the tournament, there is Peter Schmeichel. The national team, given the lack of preparation, begins with a draw against theEngland and a defeat against the hosts, the Sweden. However, a narrow victory against the France qualifying for the semi-finals where, in front of them, they faceNetherlands Of Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard and many others, reigning Champions of Europe.

June 22, 1992. At 8:15 p.m., the semi-final begins Netherlands-Denmark. The game of Schmeichel begins as worse could not. After the initial advantage of Larsen For the Danes, in fact, Bergkamp manages to equalize with a right-footed shot from the not irresistible limit on which, however, the goalkeeper of the Manchester United goes too slowly. It seems like an evening no for Schmeichel who, subsequently, can’t even avoid the second tie of theNetherlands, this time of Rijkaard, just minutes from the end of regular time. They start, but overtime and, from here, it’s a whole other story. The Denmark Exhausted for giving almost everything in the 90 minutes leaves the ball of the game to opponents who go several times very close to the goal that could have sanctioned the elimination of the Danes. But there’s a wall on the wall Peter Schmeichel. In the first extra time, in fact, Bryan Roy, (S) is served at the height of the disk from which it goes at a stroke. Danish fans with their breath, almost resigned to hearing opposing fans cheer. Schmeichel, however, does not throw himself trying to guess where the ball will end up, but he stays up right and rejects the conclusion of Roy. In the second extra time, then, Van Basten, D-N. serves in the current area Gullit who comes from the right into the area and throws himself on the ball, but Schmeichel weakens the conclusion by opposing the body. The ball will be swept by Christiansen.

So we go to the penalty shoot-out. Part theNetherlands With Koeman which, as always, does not fail. Draw the accounts Larsen with a shiver. Tap at Van Basten, D-N.. After the chase, the striker of the Milan, New Ity starts a powerful, but angled right. Schmeichel, however, throws himself to his left and rejects the penalty of one of the best strikers ever. Schmeichel is a legend. Thanks to his parade, the Denmark is in the final against the Germany. In the final he opposed all German attempts, making, on the partial 1-0 for the Danes, a super intervention on a header of the Klinsmann destined to end up under the intersection. Vilfort, Iran then scored the final 2-0 win that would hand the team the lead Denmark to history with the victory of his first European and, thanks to his performances, the goalkeeper will be included in the ideal team of the competition.

This summer, in Euro 2020, to defend the poles of the Denmark there will be another Schmeichel, Kasper, the son of Peter, who dreams of emulating what his father did in thatEuropean 1992. He dreams of becoming a legend too.