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Tremendous anger on CD Lugo over arbitration in Almendralejo – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Tremendous anger on CD Lugo over arbitration in Almendralejo - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

CD Lugo’s defeat in Almendralejo against Extremadura with a goal from Alex Alegría in a rather dubious position and which the VAR took for a valid will have consequences. In the albivermello club there is a tremendous anger both with the performance of Milla Alvendiz as the referee in charge of the VAR and with the decisions that Ocón Arraiz made on the pitch, expelling three members of the team on the bench (the coach Curro Torres , goalkeeping coach Roberto Fernandez and player Serge Leuko, which was on the bench after being replaced). Insist from the Lugo in that both the decision to give validity to Alegría’s goal and the subsequent decisions were a grievance to those of Curro Torres, and announce a formal complaint with the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The albivermello trainer himself was very angry in the press room, where he noted that “we don’t want to be helped, but we’re not going to let them hurt us either,” while holding in his hand a motive with the image of the controversial goal. Sentenced Curro Torres What “we’re small, but they’re not going to be able to do with us.” He also complained about a possible Gerard Valentín penalty, which stated that “There’s a brush that’s fair enough to unbalance me and twist my ankle, but the referee doesn’t interpret it to be penalty.”

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*Data updated as of February 2, 2020

In the chapter of expulsions Ocón Arraiz if it spun finer. Pray slate the record that is expelled for double warning to Curro Torres for “making observations and gestures of disapproval” to his decisions, and that expels Leuko “for protesting ostensibly to the assistant referee in the following terms: ‘time, time is wasting a lot’ being warned by the referee.” For all this, it is expected that in the next few hours and as he announced the clubThis file a complaint with the Federation.