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Trigueros: "We have equipment to fight for the European squares" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Manu Trigueros is happy to return to the team by adding two consecutive titles, something that did not happen long ago. The midfielder is "happy to be back and play" after a year he acknowledges was "bad and complicated". Regarding the team situation, he is ambitious and convinced that "there is a team and players to fight for European positions," so they must "work and improve to get back to those places".

Happy for the match with Atlético. "I think Friday was not bad, it would have been better to win, but disrupting the momentum we have is a point against a good team and we play a good game."

Be more competitive "The lesson of this kick is that we must keep the goal at zero and grow from there. We must compete and do it all at once, we must compete the ninety minutes of each game and, never stop doing that, this is the line to follow." Goal to zero and be a block ".

The team is ambitious and looks to Europe. "We are in the middle of the table but we are ambitious and we want to look up. We want to get to the positions of Europe or to be very close to them as we were recently."

Difficult month and complicated calendar. "This is a tough month with a difficult schedule but we need to react and earn points in the remaining games. We are Villarreal and we can do it, that's what we are thinking and what we want to do."

First you have to be solid and strong from behind. "It is clear that we lost and scored fewer goals, but now we are focused on being a stronger team, defending well and keeping the goal at zero. If we do that, it will return confidence and the goal issue, we know they are streaks. And they get to.

Return to ownership. "I played and I'm happy about it. Having played two games in a row and being able to help the team. It's true that this year I'm not counting much, but from the beginning I had good feelings at work, with other feelings compared to last year and it made me better and happier. "

Villarreal Coat of Arms / Flag

Better with the best teams than the ones below. "It is true that for some time we have competed well with those at the top, and it is true that it costs us the teams below the table. I can't find an explanation for that, I don't know what's going on, but it's something that we need to improve up and back to Europe, we can't miss the games with these teams in the lower central zone. "

Better with more players in the middle. "We are working with a system with more players in the middle, I think that makes us more blocked and with more ball, but it is true that we should reach the area with more people and generate danger.

Europe's goal. "If you win two games, get into the fight, I think we have a great team and great players, people who have experience and already know what it is to enter Europe; I think our goal is to get back to those competitions." Costumes think in Europe, is a goal for which we want to fight and be able to return to these competitions.

Seville "Sevilla are a tough opponent, they already know how they compete and how they do it in their field, for which they are having a very good year again. They are always ready and we know it will be very complicated, so we should be very strong backs and enjoy the ones we have.

Calleja recovers Cazorla, but may lose Morlanes.

The good news of the day for Villarreal is the recovery of Santi Cazorla, who already works normally with the rest of his colleagues. While the bad news for the yellows is the absence of Manu Morlanes, who with muscle problems is doubtful for Sunday's game. The Asturian midfielder is already fully recovered from his left ankle problems, so he has entered the group dynamic and intends to return to the starting lineup. After two away games against Valencia and Atletico Madrid, the midfielder will be able to play in Sevilla and against Getafe at home, both of which are very heavy in this final stretch of the year.

Not working with the team on Monday is midfielder Manu Morlanes, who suffers a grade 1 stretch in the right leg adductor, which is pending evolution and today is doubtful for Sunday's game. For their part, the team Alberto Moreno already works out of the academy and on the field, which is a breakthrough in their recovery.