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Tsunami Democratic admits that it failed to achieve its goal in a classic Barcelona – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Again the barricades with burning containers, police charges, racing and the dispersal of the Riot of the Mossos d’Esquadra making their way to defense blow and foam shots. Last night, the surroundings of the Camp Nou were the scene of violent and harsh altercations that recalled the riots that broke out during the October protests after the ruling against the leaders of the procesa. At midnight street furniture was still burning at various points in the district of Les Corts and there were ten arrested . In addition, a total of 64 people were assisted by emergency medical services, including 39 Mossos d’Esquadra who were injured of varying discretion. In total, the night left 16 hospitalized.

Of the many scenarios involving security appliance managers designed for the
Barca-Real Madrid
, the end of the night with such violent riots was the least predictable. The Mossos had mobilized for the day all of their Riot, the entire Mobile Brigade that was to be responsible for controlling the exteriors of the stadium, while the Arro was responsible for monitoring the interior of the transgaming.orgs venue.

“Spain, sit and talk!”

Numerous volunteers handed out signs with Tsunami Democrimes

The long day began with absolute normality. The two football teams arrived at the Sofia hotel on Diagonal Avenue as planned and at about six o’clock in the afternoon entered through access seven of the stadium each in their coach. Two hours earlier, the four points scored by the platform
Tsunami Democrotic
they started to fill up with people. A figure that the Urban Guard made up of only five thousand people, although it was really difficult to distinguish yesterday between those who were to protest from the one who gladly assumed the two roles, that of political denunciation and that of the culé with reserved seat. At about 7 p.m., the two masses of people, the demonstrators protesting under the umbrella of the slogan , were merged.Spain, sit and talk!” with the fans. Numerous volunteers handed out the elongated blue posters, characteristic of Tsunami Democroptic, which many spectators accepted, stored in their backpacks and then displayed in the stands.

In the main streets around Camp Nou, corrillos were formed with beers in hand. The atmosphere was partying. There were long queues to order a drink at bars and a magnificent good pre-roll Classic that riot sunwoulds were staring at a distance from their positions. Even the temperature accompanied the transgaming.orging party.

At the entrances to the stadium, the security services seized the masks with Messi's face that had been offered to spectators

At the entrances to the stadium, the security services seized the masks with Messi’s face that had been offered to spectators
(Mané Espinosa)

The stadium doors opened and private security personnel started with the searches. Beach balls, masks with Messi’s photograph and even swelling swells that some hid in potato tortilla sandwiches were intervened. Logs eternized access queues.

A few minutes to go before the start of the match when the delegation of the Boixos Nois which had been in a nearby park for almost an hour lighting flares and cinging their radical chants advanced through Travessera de les Corts. A large group of Independence caught up with them from behind. The two groups stopped face to face and for several minutes they became eternal clashes, kicks, punches and punches followed.

The trigger

A confrontation between the ultra Boixos Nois and independenceists was the beginning of the first charges

The independenceists, far more numerous than the Boixos Nois, began chanting “fora els Nazis del nostres barris”, while calling on the Mossos d’Esquadra to intervene. Just at that moment several groups of the Mobile Brigade arrived, they were placed in the middle of the two groups loading on one side and the other. And just from that moment the whole situation on the outside completely got out of control.

The Boixos Nois were surrounded by the policemen for a few moments but managed to disperse, camouflaged among the people. Instead, the group of independenceists immediately placed on the front line young people with their faces hidden and began throwing objects at the cops. For a moment the Brimo teams were overwhelmed, lost their position and had to retreat.


They received reinforcements at gates 16 and 17 of the stadium, and split in half the independence rally. There were several very heavy loads from the Mossos, who ended up with burned containers, throwing all kinds of objects against the agents and scattering with foam ammo.

While absolute out-of-control reigned outside, inside the stadium Tsunami Democrotic he managed to launch his messages. Before Marc Marquez’s take-of-honor, the slogan “llibertat prisoners political” was chanted.

Containers burning around Camp Nou last night; the Mossos were forced to intervene to decongest the perimeter of the stadium and encourage evacuation

Containers burning around Camp Nou last night; the Mossos were forced to intervene to decongest the perimeter of the stadium and encourage evacuation

By that moment the goal of the Mossos had been achieved. The two teams and the referees had arrived on time, they were on the pitch, and 93,426 people were sitting in their locations. Despite political protest from abroad, no one had been left unable to enter. Just what Tsunami Democratic had committed to, which would not interfere with access to the stadium or the development of the match.

The hobby sang the sung hymn a cappella and exhibited a banner on the side in front of grandstand with the motto “Spain, sit and talk; llibertat”. From the stands of the Barca-Madrid a mosaic organized by the club was built, but without a motto. With the colors blue and grain and the senyera.

The protest of the balls

The referee stopped a minute and a half of the match to withdraw the balls that reached the ground

In the 17th minute of the first part there were cries of “llibertat prisoners polítics” and all those elongated blue signs that had been distributed at the entrance were unfurled even forming almost a tapestry with the motto of Tsunami Democratic. At that instant there was the first attempt to
throwing balls from the stands
. But none of them touched the pitch. Instead, in the tenth minute of the second half there was a much heavier rain of yellow balls and some did fall on the turf. The referee stopped the match for a minute and a half, during which time the security staff removed the balls, which had registered the slogan of the protest. For this action the club will be sanctioned with a Fine between 3 and 6,000 euros.

In a communiqué issued after the meeting, Tsunami Democrotic acknowledged that he had failed to successfully carry out the second of his planned actions, without specifying whether he was referring to the rain of balls on the lawn or the projection of the match on the facades of buildings outside the field. In any case, he was pleased to have managed to spread his message and to have seized attention.

In the 55th minute, dozens of plastic balls were thrown onto the pitch; you could read the message 'Spain,sit and talk'

In the 55th minute, dozens of plastic balls were thrown onto the pitch; you could read the message ‘Spain,sit and talk’
(Mané Espinosa)

Analysis of what happened abroad will be complex. Last night, the Mossos insisted on the violence exhibited by one of the protesters, who got away with thirty wounded agents. On the other side, the uncontrolled and forcefulness of some of the police charges was reported.

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