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Tuchel (PSG): “To be the best team in every match” – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Tuchel (PSG): "To be the best team in every match" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Find the main reactions after the late Ligue 1 Conforama matches that were played on Wednesday.

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach):

“We adjusted the details of Sunday, when we had a chance to win. We were better at risk management, where and when we lose the ball, in the mentality during counter-pressings, when closing the spaces. In all these areas, it was better. It’s a deserved victory. We had more possession. The staff was very attentive. 4-4-2? It’s not a question of structure. But it’s important. I like the structure, I’m a structured guy. It’s absolutely necessary. We just changed the details. And I knew that with all four of you, you could do that. Icardi? Your party is not negative. It’s a good mix, with Kylian and Neymar carrying a lot of the ball. Mauro is used to working for us, for the team, to open spaces. He didn’t score in two games. But it worked. There’s no doubt about him. I’m happy with Mauro. Say Maria? He helped a lot of people. I’m glad you made assistance because lately I was making penultimate passes. It had a great volume. The goal was to win, take three points to improve our position. We can have the best players. But I want us to be the best team in every game. »

Robert Moreno (AS Monaco Coach):

“I am very happy and proud of my team. We keep doing what I said for 95 minutes. The result is different from Sunday, but we admit three counterattacks and a penalty. We attack with the sides. We only stayed with two power plants. In the end, at 3-1, we take risks. But if you score the second, the mental situation can change and the last few minutes can be interesting. The team was physically prepared. The difference is that on Sunday we were accurate. And that Kaylor (Navas, the Parisian goalkeeper) had a big game tonight. The game plan was to close the spaces, protect our goal. We didn’t have the quality to get the ball back. Placed in defense, Paris had few chances. Every opportunity was counterattacks. But for me, losing 4-1 like that, against this great team, is football. The team’s reaction to keep scoring to the end is the way to become a great team. (with respect to VAR decisions) I have nothing to say about the referee or the VAR. They’re doing the best they can. I can’t control that. I’m just working on what I can try to control. »

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Julien Stéphan (Stade Coach Rennais F.C.):

“Tonight we were very pragmatic and realistic. We’ll settle for that. It’s a good accounting operation. We’re getting stronger and more organized. I saw a very solid, well-organized Rennes, probably not the most beautiful football match, there were more successful matches, but we had not come to allow Nimes to light up. We found efficiency without having many situations and then played a smart and consistent game. We thought we had more room after half-time, but we cut off the Nimis’ desire to attack hard. Nimes had little or no chance and Mendy didn’t have many savings to make. »

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