Euro 2020

UEFA EURO 2020 groups, face-to-face review UEFA EURO 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
Group B:
Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
Group C:
Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, winner of the D-dams (A)
Group D:
England, Croatia, C-play winner, Czech Republic
Group E:
Spain, Sweden, Poland, win B-play ings
Group F:
winner of the A (D) play-offs, Portugal, France, Germany

The winner of the A-play barriers will go to Group F and the winner of the D-play play in Group C. If Romania qualify as the winner of Lane A, they will go to Group C and the winner of the D-play in Group F. The winners of the play-offs will be announced in March 2020.


cons: Netherlands V6 N4 D9 bp:24 bc: 36
cons: Ukraine V1 N0 D1 bp:4 bc: 4

Romelu Lukaku, his goals in the playoffs

Romelu Lukaku, his goals in the playoffs


cons: Denmark V4 N3 D6 bp:21 bc: 23
cons: Finland V3 N4 D4 bp:20 bc: 19
cons: Russia V6 N2 D4 bp:21 bc: 17


against: Rep. Czech V1 N2 D0 bp:7 bc: 5
cons: England V3 N2 D5 bp:13 bc: 21

Rep. Czech

cons: Croatia V0 N2 D1 bp:5 bc: 7
cons: England V3 N4 D11 bp:23 bc: 44


cons: Belgium V6 N3 D4 bp:23 bc: 21
cons: Finland V39 N9 D11 bp:154 bc: 58
cons: Russia V1 N1 D9 bp:10 bc: 32


cons: Croatia V5 N2 D3 bp:21 bc: 13
against: Rep. Czech V11 N4 D3 bp:44 bc: 23


cons: Belgium V4 N4 D3 bp:19 bc: 20
cons: Denmark V11 N9 D39 bp:58 bc: 154
cons: Russia V1 N5 D12 bp:13 bc: 55


cons: Germany V14 N8 D9 bp:49 bc: 46
cons: Portugal V18 N1 D6 bp:49 bc: 29


cons: France V9 N8 D14 bp:46 bc: 49
cons: Portugal V10 N5 D3 bp:29 bc: 16


cons: Switzerland V28 N22 D8 bp:107 bc: 67
cons: Turkey V7 N3 D0 bp:18 bc: 5
cons: Wales V7 N0 D2 bp:23 bc: 5


cons: Austria V9 N4 D6 bp: 36 bc:24
cons: Ukraine V1 N1 D0 bp:4 bc:1


cons: Spain V1 N1 D8 bp:8 bc: 27
cons: Sweden V8 N4 D14 bp:37 bc: 56


cons: France V6 N1 D18 bp:29 bc: 49
cons: Germany V3 N5 D10 bp:16 bc: 29


cons: Belgium V4 N2 D6 bp:17 bc: 21
cons: Denmark V9 N1 D1 bp:32 bc: 10
cons: Finland V12 N5 D1 bp:55 bc: 13


cons: Poland V8 N1 D1 bp:27 bc: 8
cons: Sweden V7 N5 D3 bp:25 bc: 16


cons: Poland V14 N4 D8 bp:56 bc: 37
cons: Spain V3 N5 D7 bp:16 bc: 25


cons: Italy V8 N22 D28 bp:67 bc: 107
cons: Turkey V4 N3 D8 bp:20 bc: 21
cons: Wales V5 N0 D2 bp:16 bc: 6


cons: Italy V0 N3 D7 bp:5 bc: 18
cons: Switzerland V8 N3 D4 bp:21 bc: 20
cons: Wales V2 N1 D3 bp:7 bc: 10


cons: Austria V1 N0 D1 bp:4 bc: 4
cons: Netherlands V0 N1 D1 bp:1 bc: 4


cons: Italy V2 N0 D7 bp:5 bc: 23
cons: Switzerland V2 N0 D5 bp:6 bc: 16
cons: Turkey V3 N1 D2 bp:10 bc: 7