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Uefa EURO 2020 matches schedule UEFA EURO 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The full UEFA EURO 2020 calendar was unveiled after the draw in Bucharest on 30 November

The 10 best goals of EURO 2016

The 10 best goals of EURO 2016


Group A (Rome and Baku): Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
Group B (Copenhague and St Petersburg): Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
Group C (Amsterdam and Bucharest): Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, playoff winner D or A
Group D (London and Glasgow): England, Croatia, c-play win, Czech Republic
Group E (Bilbao and Dublin): Spain, Sweden, Poland, playoff winner B
Group F (Munich and Budapest): play-offs A or D, Portugal, France, Germany

Group stage calendar

Friday, June 12
Group A: Turkey – Italy (9pm, Rome)

The tournament will open in Rome

The tournament will open in Rome©Getty Images

Saturday, June 13
Group A: Wales v Switzerland (3pm, Baku)
Group B: Denmark v Finland (6pm, Copenhagen)
Group B: Belgium – Russia (9pm, St Petersburg)

Sunday, June 14
Group D: England v Croatia (3pm London)
Group C: Austria – Winner of the Voie D or A dam (6 p.m., Bucharest)
Group C: Netherlands v Ukraine (9pm, Amsterdam)

Monday, June 15
Group D: Winner of The Way C Dam – Czech Republic (3pm, Glasgow)
Group E: Poland – Winner of the Way B Dam (6pm, Dublin)
Group E: Spain v Sweden (9pm, Bilbao)

Tuesday, June 16
Group F: Winner of the Track A or D Dam – Portugal (6pm, Budapest)
Group F: France v Germany (9pm, Munich)

Five superb flights at the EURO

Five superb flights at the EURO

Wednesday, June 17
Group B: Finland – Russia (3pm, St Petersburg)
Group A: Turkey v Wales (6pm, Baku)
Group A: Italy – Switzerland (9pm, Rome)

Thursday, June 18
Group C: Ukraine – Winner of the D-Way or A Dam (3 p.m., Bucharest)
Group B: Denmark v Belgium (6pm, Copenhagen)
Group C: Netherlands – Austria (9pm, Amsterdam)

Friday, June 19
Group E: Sweden – Winner of the Way B Dam (3pm, Dublin)
Group D: Croatia v Czech Republic (6pm, Glasgow)
Group D: England – Voie C Dam Winner (9pm, London)

Solo at EURO

Solo at EURO

Saturday, June 20
Group F: Winner of the Voie A or D dam – France (3 p.m., Budapest)
Group F: Portugal – Germany (6pm, Munich)
Group E: Spain – Poland (9pm, Bilbao)

Sunday, June 21
Group A: Italy v Wales (6pm, Rome)
Group A: Switzerland – Turkey (6pm, Baku)

St. Petersburg Stadium

St. Petersburg Stadium©Getty Images

Monday, June 22
Group C: Winner of the Track D or A Dam – Netherlands (6p, Amsterdam)
Group C: Ukraine – Austria (6pm, Bucharest)
Group B: Russia v Denmark (9pm, Copenhagen)
Group B: Finland – Belgium (9pm, St Petersburg)

Tuesday, June 23
Group D: Czech Republic v England (9pm, London)
Group D: Croatia – Voie C Dam Winner (9pm, Glasgow)

EURO 2020, Bilbao's guide

EURO 2020, Bilbao’s guide

Wednesday, June 24
Group E: Winner of the Way B dam – Spain (6pm, Bilbao)
Group E: Sweden v Poland (6pm, Dublin)
Group F: Germany – Winner of the Track A or D Dam (9pm, Munich)
Group F: Portugal – France (9pm, Budapest)

  • The top two in each group and the top four runners-up qualify for the eighth round

Rest days on June 25 and 26

The best stops of the 2016 edition

The best stops of the 2016 edition

Round of 16

Saturday, June 27
1 : 2E A – 2E B (6pm, Amsterdam)
2 : 1Er A – 2E C (9pm, London)

Sunday, June 28
3 : 1Er C – 3E D/E/F (6 p.m., Budapest)
4 : 1Er B – 3E A/D/E/F (9pm, Bilbao)

EURO 2020, guide de Dublin

EURO 2020, guide de Dublin

Monday, June 29
5 : 2E D – 2E E (6p, Copenhagen)
6 : 1Er F – 3E A/B/C (9 p.m., Bucharest)

Tuesday, June 30
7 : 1Er D – 2E F (6pm, Dublin)
8 : 1Er E – 3E A/B/C/D (9pm, Glasgow)

Rest days on 1Er July 2


St. Petersburg to host first quarter-final

St. Petersburg to host first quarter-final©Getty Images

Friday, July 3
QF1: V6 – V5 (6pm, St Petersburg)
QF2: V4 – V2 (9pm, Munich)
Saturday, July 4
QF3: V3 – V1 (6pm, Baku)
QF4: V8 – V7 (9pm, Rome)

Rest days on July 5 and 6


Tuesday, July 7
Semi-final 1: V QF2 – V QF1 (9pm, London)
Wednesday, July 8
Semi-final 2: V QF4 – V QF3 (9pm, London)

Rest days on July 9, 10 and 11


July 12 London, 9 p.m.


All HEC timetables (Brussels, Geneva, Paris)