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UEFA Foundation for Children’s Annual Activity Report La UEFA – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The work of the UEFA Foundation for Children, which uses football for the good of society, improves the lives of more than one million children in around 100 countries, according to the report of activities carried out in 2018/19.

Give a smile to children (Photo: ActionAid Hellas)

Give a smile to children (Photo: ActionAid Hellas)©

The annual document summarising the foundation’s work also reveals a faster introduction of new UEFA-funded humanitarian projects. In 2018/19, 45 new projects and 22 other transgaming.orgs-themed initiatives proposed by the European Football Federation were inaugurated.

The Foundation wants to make a difference in children’s lives and give them a smile: all this is highlighted by telling true life stories from the most deprived areas and communities of Europe and the world.

UEFA president: “Football is a powerful tool”

Football is a powerful social tool (Photo: PluSport)

Football is a powerful social tool (Photo: PluSport)©

“I have been personally involved in various projects and have seen that football is an extremely powerful tool,” Aleksander Cheferin, president of UEFA and the Foundation’s board of directors, writes in the introduction.

“In refugee camps around the world, as in the troubled suburbs of European cities and forgotten conflict zones, all the activities supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children have only increased my desire: to see European football take a leading role in the social growth of young people around the world.”

More investment

The extraordinary results reflect a decision by the UEFA Executive Committee, which in 2018 wanted to increase the annual funding for the Foundation to 6.8 million euros– more than double what was previously intended. The increased investment has enabled the Foundation to expand its mission and work with new partners.

Football and learning go hand in hand (Photo: Amp Futbol Polska)

Football and learning go hand in hand (Photo: Amp Futbol Polska)©

While many of the 245 projects supported in the last four years were about the health, education and integration of children, the Foundation is now looking at the victims of conflict, especially refugees, and promoting youth employment through football.

EURO 2020

By playing in 12 European cities, UEFA EURO 2020 will enable the Foundation to protect and support young people through football more than ever. Funding for 2019/20 has already been earmarked for projects related to the tournament, which celebrates its 60th birthday.

In addition, the report highlights that the foundation has increased its visibility and exposure in various ways:

Consolidated relationships with partners;

Constant visual presence on billboards and big screens of stadiums in UEFA matches;

Website with new design and increased presence on social media;

A semi-interactive photo exhibition on the Foundation’s work;

Player support for the Foundation’s initiatives and participation in events.

Explanation: What is the UEFA Foundation for Children?

Five years ago, UEFA established the Foundation to find new ways to use football to support humanitarian projects related to children’s rights, in areas such as health, education and minority integration.

The Foundation and its partners are operating around the world

The Foundation and its partners are operating around the world©

In 2018/19, the foundation’s funding was spread equally between projects in Europe and other continents.

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