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Unai Emery settles down with Arsenal fans and reviews ‘unpredictable’ Mesut Zil – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


In an interview with the Spanish transgaming.orgs newspaper, Unai Emery Marca with his former club Arsenal. The Spaniard blames the fans for his dismissal and criticizes Mesut Zil.

“His performances are unpredictable,” Emery said of Izil, who is “undoubtedly a good player” but has problems with the physical demands of the Premier League. “He’s a little behind the best players in the league right now. Sometimes Arsenal play better with them, sometimes they don’t make much difference,” Emery said. But under the direction of new coach Mikel Arteta, he is “in the gradual search for his identity.”

Arteta trusted him to take the coaching position with the Gunners. He brings a lot of experience through his work as Pep Guardiola’s assistant coach. “It’s a perfect fit for Arsenal,” Emery said.

Unai Emery blames Arsenal fans for ejection

Nothing was perfect between Arsenal and Emery in his second season. “We didn’t play well, we didn’t defend well, we weren’t competitive,” Emery said. Several factors played a role for him: “Four different captains, the Izil/Kolasinac case, the acclimatization period of [Nicolas] Pepe. Arsenal could not get out of the negative spiral that had arisen.

In addition to the transgaming.orging failure, Emery also blamed his dismissal: “There was no improvement, the fans focused on me and I was expelled.”

In the first few weeks after his dismissal, Emery had “cried a lot,” the 48-year-old admitted: “I’ve been dreaming of Arsenal for a month. It was a natural process. But I overcame this grief, I’m done. Emery was released by the Gunners at the end of November.

Unai Emery knocked out several offers

Emery is expected to return to the football scene in the summer of 2020. The coach said in the first two weeks after Arsenal’s exit that he had made several offers: “I managed to put my phone aside.”

Emery, who coached Paris Saint-Germain and Sevilla fc before Arsenal, can imagine a return to France. He would also be eligible for jobs in England, Spain and Italy. However, Emery believes that a commitment to the Bundesliga is unlikely because of the language barrier.