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Valencia A geesta only within reach of two teams – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Valencia A geesta only within reach of two teams - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The hard blow that Valencia experienced yesterday still resonates in the capital of Turia. The Che fell sharply to Atalanta by 4 goals to 1 and were left on the edge of the abyss Champions League. If Albert Celades’ team wants to advance to the quarter-finals, he will have to make an epic turn to go down such a disadvantage, something only two clubs have been able to do in Champions League.

And it is that only Rome two years ago and Deportivo de la Coruña in the 2003-2004 season, were able to turn around 4-1. Celades can see like this the glass half empty, in the history of the Champions League only two teams have been able to get such machada. Or half-full, which is that such come-ups occurred, one before which it was undoubtedly a historic Milan, with Kaka, Shevchenko and Pirlo and that in 2007 the competition was crowned. And the other in front of Messi’s Barcelona, Suarez and company.

Precisely Messi’s achieved the largest when they went back to PSG a 3-0, the most bulging result that Valencia has today, which at least managed to score. The Catalans made their audience dream and left Emery on the wire by defeating 6 as many as 1 to the Parisian outfit.

The whites are forced to enter that select club of teams that achieved such a feat to be able to continue in the maximum continental competition. Something more than one club tried but stayed halfway. Without going any further, Real Madrid came close to heroics before the Borussia Dortmund in 2013. Mourinho’s fell at Signal Iduna Park by 4 goals to 1, but at Bernabeu the match ended 2–0 for the whites, being a favorable but insufficient result.


Dani Parejo last night appealed to the great comebacks that have been experienced in Mestalla and although, without a doubt, they went to rivals a priori they might look more affordable than Italians. The Che in recent years have managed to turn around in Mestalla to very adverse first-come stakes.

The two precedents that are still in the retina of Valencianism are the encounter before the Basel, which came 3-0 in the first leg and ended up winning 5-0 on a historic night in Mestalla. And the recent 3-1 vs. Getafe which, while it is true that he arrived in the capital of Turia with a 1-0 in the first match, the Valencians scored the three scores in just 20 minutes.

For all this and for the failed occasions last night in San Siro, from the Valencian wardrobe are fully confident that the comeback is viable. The staff thinks that mistakes were made but that had many occasions to have cut distances and even tie the match. Next March 10 in a city of Valencia that your friend will already see from the fire because of the proximity of the faults, Team che has his last bullet in Champions.