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Valencia Arias: “The VAR does not measure with the same standard to some as others” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Valencia Arias: "The VAR does not measure with the same standard to some as others" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Valencia, through its official means and in the voice of its ambassador Ricardo Arias, showed its unease over the “controversies” generated by the “lack of uniformity in the criteria when applying the VAR”. Valencia, as Ricardo Arias has emphasized, does not understand “because they are not measured with the same standard” actions like that of the penalty that they pointed out by the hands of Jaume Costa. Valencia calls on the RFEF to “unify the criterion”.

We then reproduce the interview with Ricardo Arias on VCFMedia.

The VAR arrived to help but, as seen in the Cup match against Granada CF, it generates conflicts over controversial decisions.

Unfortunately, on top of that we are immersed in the same clubs in this kind of controversies that the VAR is generating. Let me be very clear that I am a defender of the VAR, because logically, technology came to football to help and improve arbitration, a very disputed profession, but the truth is that it is not helping much.

The problem comes with the issue of hands inside the area, where a uniformity of criteria is called for and not to leave it to the collegiate’s interpretation, because it gives rise to errors, as happened in the Copa match in Granada with two similar actions.

I have always highlighted these types of actions, because they are not measured with the same standard. The most obvious and recent test is that of Tuesday, even before the game stopped the referee, they were already offering by the monitor the play in which Jaume Costa intervenes with Gabriel. That thoroughness, this lack of unification in the criterion leaves us perplexed because it is not logical. That there are clear hands before and they don’t stop the game or have the delicacy or the same treatment of each other to contemplate a similar play has to you off, and we got and a lot of fun.

Is further clarification or a change in regulations required?

What is needed is to unify the criterion. Neither in all matches, nor in the same play nor with the same teams is acted equally and, therefore, Valencia CF has to defend their rights and is in the obligation, at least, to protest and complain so that there is much more attention in that type of play. If the thoroughness is for some teams and not for others, logically, we misbesee, because then I don’t know what the VAR exists for. I have to make it very clear and this that everyone knows, we were not eliminated from the Granada CF Cup, we have eliminated the VAR.

Not a single Granada CF footballer protested that play that ended up being decisive.

No Granada CF players protested, they went to stand to throw the corner and quickly the referee stopped the game. And I again emphasize that appreciation is not for all teams the same, and we are in the perfect right to say it out loud because we have been deprived of the possibility of being playing a Cup semi-final. In addition, since the game stops, the referee to analyze the play takes four minutes, of which none added to the discount.

Now you visit Getafe CF and one remembers the action of Cucurella’s hands in the first lap match played in Mestalla.

The clashes against Getafe CF are surrounded by a controversy that should not exist or should be cut from rennet in the football field and referees are the first to realize that they have to impart that justice within the pitch. And what they’re doing, not voluntarily, is growing those controversies. That was a game where he could change the result and fills you with doubts and fears when you’re going to face matches like that.

We did not ask for an advantage, we ask for justice, that there was neither in Mestalla with cuella’s hands or in the Cup match against Granada CF.

It is essential to impart justice. For the normal march of the tournament, be it League, Cup or Champions, the unification of criteria between the arbitration and, directly, the var managers, has to be unique to all. There don’t have to be distinctions or advantages for teams that neither need them nor for those that can harm them significantly. We have to treat everyone equally, with the same attentions and thoroughness as any other team whatever the position in the classification.

What a match awaits us, a direct match for the objective of the Champions League.

It’s going to be very important. I know that on Tuesday the team was very touched, because of the way the elimination came, because logically you neither expect nor want it. You had to see the boys how they were, cocks, astonished by that decision that has taken a great illusion off their backs, and were willing to remember not-so-distant times. That leaves you touched and on Saturday, despite the difficulty of going to the Coliseum, it will be a match that will decide a lot the future of Valencia CF. If we’re able to win there, we’re going to take a stroke of authority over the table. You have to be next to this group, because especially now in these games that come we play a lot of the future of the season, be more than ever next to them, trust them and know that this team always responds when you have to.