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Valencia The keys to Celades after 100 days at Valencia – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Valencia The keys to Celades after 100 days at Valencia - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The group. The day Celades arrived it seemed almost impossible that, in just 100 days, he could burp with the costumes as it happens today. It should be remembered that on his first Champions League appearance, at Stamford Bridge, within days of arriving at the club, the squad left him alone in the press room and no player appeared with him, as is customary in the previous continental duels. Gradually, with a discreet speech and bringing the necessary confidence to all the players he earned the respect of a staff that was ‘married’ to Marcellin. The respect was complemented with closeness and gradually the players were communicating with their ideas. The affectionate congratulations of all his players in Amsterdam is a good proof that this is already his wardrobe, even though it was inherited in his day.

Trend. After a logical lystered start, Celades and his team were reversing the results trajectory until reaching the best streak of the season, in the absence of a match to finish 2019. Since the crushing loss in El Sadar, Valencia have racked up six wins, three draws (against Sevilla, Chelsea and Real Madrid) and only one loss (at the last minute, against Betis). In Valladolid, the team wants to close a magical year with another triumph.

Historical milestones. With Celades, Valencia have qualified for the champions’ eighth round, seven seasons later. In addition, in just 100 days of tenure, he has managed to make his Valencia victorious from three mythical stadiums, where he had never done it: Stamford Bridge, San Mamés and Johan Cruyff Arena, in all three cases for the same result: 0-1.

Flexible system. Although Celades does not hide that the system he likes the most is the 4-3-3, a drawing that he sucked in La Masia and applied in the lower categories of the national team, the Catalan has understood that this team was designed for a 4-4-2 and this has been how best results it has achieved. At first, Celades tested it and even turned out to be a good result at Stamford Bridge. But the coach, with 100 days already in Valencia, has again given confidence to the group with a system with two strikers, giving freedom to one of them to move between the lines: Rodrigo.

Strong man of Lim. In the first weeks of the ‘Celades era’, the technician himself made it clear that he only came to train even though Mateu Alemany and Pablo Longoria no longer had powers in the club’s transgaming.orgs plot. However, in recent weeks, Anil Murthy already named him as one of the men, along with Jorge López and himself, who would face the January transfer market with all the guarantees. In addition, last week, Celades was talking to Peter Lim, during his stay in Valencia, about the possible signings to be made. The coach called for the addition of a right-back.