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VALLADOLID REAL Sergio González: "Seen in perspective and by rival, that's a good point" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Valladolid was once again at home and built another wall that the Royal Society could not overcome. The argument, for Sergio González, is good, "seen in perspective" and taking into account the strengths of the rival, in his opinion, "those who play best football" in the first half of the campaign.

The coach acknowledged that, in the first half, Real better than his team, which despite defending well, fell into inaccuracies with the ball. "We lack peace of mind in transitions and better conversations with the tips. In the second half, we interacted much better until the last ten minutes, in which we lacked gasoline ", analyzed, after listing several goal situations.

These "bad decisions" in conducting the transitions meant that before the rest only the occasion of Hervías was seen by the blanquivioletas. It is a circumstance that should improve and that, in fact, changed in the second period, until the team totals "three or four dangerous" situations This was not able to materialize.

Although the work could be "in the borage water" if Real Sociedad had scored in the final rehearsal, Sergio believes the draw reinforces his students again as he values ​​"everything they do well". "You have to be positive. We have to demand more in the offensive and we have to be more flexible in three quarters of the field, but that worries me relatively. We all want to take chances, score goals and win, but we must relativize and keep the dynamics of not fitting"appealed the coach of Pucela.

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

"There are no untouchables"

Sergio surprised at first without Oscar Plan. He did this for technical reasons, not his statements this week, when he explained that he was more comfortable playing in the right wing where he is using Hervías. "I was a player and did everything. The statements do not influence me." I thought it would be better for the team to bet on a different player because a priori Gorosabel would scale less, "he analyzed.

Hervías and Míchel himself were two of the players that culminated in several plays because of the lawn condition. However, Sergio did not apologize: "Not in the best condition. At the break I asked them not to be frustrated because they were joking and directing the ball. Let's relativize and focus on what we can do, which is to interpret a little better or slow down. "

As he acknowledged, Sergi Guardiola also knows "he has to give a lot more", such as "getting more oxygen-giving balls, holding or opening outside," although the replacement of the Plan has shown that "there are no untouchables." So far, one player who is close to this condition is Salisu, who was "better than in previous games", with a cut at the end of the game determining to save that end point.