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Valverde expects Alba, who lost 57% of matches – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This image of Jordi Alba was around the world in the documentary Journey, absolutely devastated already in the breakup of the Anfield disaster. Suarez demands Valverde's attention to stop giving the lecture. Alba, wrapped in a towel he seems to regret and even cry some of his mistakes In the first part. Then another would come, in the 2-0 action. An absurd loss Alexander-Arnold and Wijnaldum punished cruelly. The season ended even worse for Alba, with Carlos Soler, a player with a low reputation for speed, beating him for power, explosiveness and strength in the 0-2 World Cup final against Valencia. Barça, who had not signed the competition after Digne's departure, were alerted and hired Junior.

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For Alba, this was yet another vindication season. Renewed until June 2024, a board member slipped the team relaxed at the end of the season after receiving an extension and improvement considerable amount of your contract. His campaign, except the end, had been great. He has distributed up to 17 assists and returned to the national team after being out of Luis Enrique's first two lists. However, certain sections of the club insist that the player He begins to suffer too defensively at major European events against the physical interior of the level teams.

Decisive in LaLiga, Alba had a pending account with the Champions. But the champions turned their backs. On September 17 he was injured in Dortmund and on November 5 he fell to Camp Nou against Slavia in Prague. Alba have lost nine of their fifteen league games for Barca and three of their six in the Champions League. His relapse forced Barca to be cautious in their recovery, but Valverde considers his recovery essential for the match against Madrid. Junior progresses properly, but Alba is a much more experienced player with more tables for this type of game. And few things motivate Alba more than Madrid. The player has been part of the work with the group in recent days, but in Barça they want to move on. Ideally, he would play at least A few minutes in Anoeta to keep up with the pace of the competition. Even so, the Classic comes perfect. You will need to be aware of Valverde's management after how the L&G player was attacked by the injuries.