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Valverde, the white trainer liquidator – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Valverde, the white trainer liquidator

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It seemed the opposite. Valverde debuted in an official match as coach of Barcelona in the first leg of Super Cup 2017 against Real Madrid. It was August 13th and Barca lost 1-3. Three days later, he fell 2-0 again and offered a feeling of tremendous inferiority. I would like to admit it or not, I was very depressed with the escape from Neymar for PSG . Valverde appeared in the press room on August 16 and left some thoughts for those who would like to hear them. The first had to do with the emotional and the tactical: "We have to recover, especially from humor. But we need to find mechanisms that make us win." Barça entered a 4-4-2 which doubled. The second pointed to Madrid: "Nobody is invincible. If there is any certainty, we will all lose one day. This has already happened to us and Real Madrid."

Four months and a week later, on December 23, Barça appeared in the Bernabeu and gave a dance to Madrid. The 0-3 sentenced the League with a half turn to play and was touched to Zidane. Yes, Madrid won the Champions League, but Zizou came out and, at the farewell press conference, left the team stone when, asked about his most magical moment with Madrid after winning three consecutive Champions, he replied: "Beat the League was the maximum ". In 2018, there were 17 points from Valverde …

Has arrived Lopetegui, who on October 28, just four and a half months after starting his White Coach phase, was fired after 5-1 Camp nou. Replaced him Solari, which would also suffer the Txingurri formula. In four days, between February 27 and March 2, Barça defeated Madrid in the semifinals of the World Cup (0-3) and gave LaLiga a final blow (0-1). Solari was fired after 1-4 of Ajax March 5th. As soon as Florentino received the yes from Zidane, Solari jumped. Today, Valverde is still in charge. And with two leagues.