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Verratti: "Herrera made a very strong impression on me" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Before the Champions Trophy that puts PSG on Stade Rennais on Saturday, Parisian midfielder Marco Verratti talked about the meeting, but also about the arrival of Herrera and the record he could beat in Shenzhen.

In Shenzhen (China) to compete there for the Champions Trophies on Saturday against Stade Rennais, PSG midfielder Marco Verratti can be the only record winner in the competition if he wins a 7th personal success. Prior to the official launch of the 2019/2020 season, the Italian international also returned to the reunion with the Breton Club or Ander Herrera arrival.

"Here to win this trophy"

What does the Trophée des Champions represent for you?
It represents a lot. Already now, thanks to what we achieved last season, we have the opportunity to play this match. It is also the first trophy to win this season and a way to start a new season in the best direction. We are professional players, so we are here to win this trophy, both for us and for the club.

On Saturday you will meet Stade Rennais, who won the last Coupe de France at the expense of PSG. Is that an extra motivation?
I don't think the motivation is always the same, whether Rennes, Monaco, the Olympics or another club facing. We always have ambitions to win. The fact that Rennes won the Coupe de France against us shows that it is not always easy to win, contrary to what many say. You must prepare well to be able to face this fight in the best possible way. It's going to be a tough fight since PSG wants to win, but Rennes too. In these early season matches, there are always difficulties because we are not yet 100%. There will be many factors to consider.

"Herrera wants to help us a lot"

If you win on Saturday, you will be the only record holder for the number of Champions Trophy wins (7). Is it important for you to create history?
Of course, this is a nice plate, which would have made me very happy. When we make history, one way or the other, it means that we have done something unusual. Playing 7-8 years for the same team, especially in today's football, it doesn't happen very much so it makes me very happy. At the start of each season it is like the first time and I want the season to be amazing and unforgettable. It is also what motivates me to be here, to give back to the supporters and the club everything they have given me. I will try to create an incredible season individually and collectively.

Verratti: "Herrera made a very strong impression on me"

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This summer, PSG recruited Ander Herrera in midfield, a gaming sector where you are one of the leaders. Do you feel a special responsibility?
Ander Herrera has a lot of experience. If we play together in the middle, we both have to work and not one more than the other. Since his arrival he has made a very strong impression on me. I figured that when we played against him, he fought to the end. When you manage to dribble it, it doesn't go away and is always behind you. This is something we needed and it will help us a lot in reaching our goals.

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