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Villarreal Roig: “The market is made in summer, now there is no intention” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Fernando Roig, president of Villarreal, assured behind the Shareholders’ Meeting that they do not plan to “go to the winter market”, as they have “a great staff and we have done the work well in summer”, he emphasized.

Budget of 134 million: “It is important at this level of budgets to be in Europe. But there are eight or ten teams that want to be and it’s not easy. The most important thing is to get the permanence. We are closer already with the latest victories, the latest results are good and we hope to improve in the standings. I guess we’re in the eight or nine best budgets. It has to be modulated depending on the moment you are. There’s a Fair Play that needs to be done and we’re doing it. The difference in Europe or not is about 10 or 12 million”

Quarry and young players of the future: “We have an obligation to have a good quarry and have good players. There are important players who have grown up at home. We are not sellers, but if good offers come the Villarreal listens to them. The Villarreal have a great asset at home.”

Shield/Villarreal Flag

Planning: “We try to make each year better team. With the quarry the same, you have to have better players. Quarry equipment is working in all categories and are getting better and better.”

Team moment: “We have finished in an extraordinary way with the latest victories. The important thing is that we have eight more points than last year in the whole first round and we still have points to play”

2019 balance sheet: “Last season we were suffering and we were saved with two days to go. Now we are better and hope to improve. In lower categories we have improved a lot and we have more and more players from the house in the first team. We ask for health by 2020 and the rest will be worked on by us.”

Anguissa: “He’s a player we bet on in the summer because he was a type of footballer that without Bruno was needed. We’ll see what you’re going through with Anguisa, he’s a great player. the maximum conditions we already know from there we’ll see what happens.”

The return of Calleja: “The decision to bring Calleja back was a Decision of the Villarreal not only of mine. It was a wise decision and we are happy this year. There have been ups and downs but I hope we have a good season”

Market: “We have a great staff and we have done the job well in summer. But if there’s one thing we’re interested in, it’s going to be done.”