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“Vizcay said Osés’ money was to make matches” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


"Vizcay said Osés' money was to make matches" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The head of press during the 2013-2014 season, Guillermo Pérez, has ensured that the former manager Angel Vizcay told him that the money borrowed by José Antonio Osés was “to make matches”.

Pérez on Tuesday testified as a witness in the trial of six former Osasuna executives, three former Betis players and two real estate agents accused of misappropriation offences, corporate, falsifying in a commercial document, forgery of the annual accounts and transgaming.orgs corruption for the alleged rigging of matches.

As he recalled, during a meal the former Osasuna manager Angel Vizcay commented that the money from a loan from businessman José Antonio Osés to the club was “to make matches”, although he has not been able to specify what he meant.

Perez has also been confirmed that the former Atlético Osasuna club, Tomás López, told him that former manager Txuma Peralta asked him to accompany him by car to Zaragoza “to make, I understand, a delivery of money”, indicating that he is aware of a comment about that he met with a representative of the Getafe.

As he recalled, Lopez told them that before going to Zaragoza they went to Peralta’s house and that “it gave her the feeling that she had come up with a purse and when she lowered the bag she was not the same”, as well as “suspecting” that there was money inside that “was supposed to be to pay the Getafe”.

In reference to this, he also commented that Vizcay “had the perception that the money had not reached Getafe” because he had told him “a manager with which he had confidence”.

Pérez has also recounted how at the Barcelona concentration hotel before the penultimate match of the 2013-2014 season between Espanyol and Osasuna watched at night how a car arrived in the travel the former transgaming.orgs director of Osasuna, Petar Vasiljevic and Peralta in the one who rode the osasunist player Damia Abellá.

The morning after this movement, he pointed out, at breakfast he heard rumours of talks and someone commenting that “there was a possibility that that match could end in a draw”, although he has pointed out that a rigging does not have to mean that there is money in the negotiation.

Regarding the diets, he indicated that the manager told him that they were charging, although he did not know the concepts, something that, he has noted, was not approved by the assembly and prohibited by statutes.