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by: Adam Smith


Liverpool dominate the Premier League at will and march under Jurgen Klopp for their first Championship in 30 years. The Reds will also enter the FA Cup this Sunday with a duel against city rivals Everton. SPOX gives you all the information about when and where you can watch Liverpool v Everton live on livestream and on TV today.

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Liverpool – Everton: When and where will the FA Cup match take place?

The Merseyside derby in the third round of the FA Cup will take place at 5.01pm on Sunday 5 January at Liverpool’s Anfiel Road.

There is a reason why the match will not take place at 5 p.m., but a minute later: as part of the Heads Up campaign, the English FA wants to raise awareness of mental health problems. In the one minute delay, the fans should worry about their mental health. The aim of the action is to raise awareness of mental health as important as physical health.

Watch Liverpool – Everton live on TV and livestream today

DAZN Broadcasts the match between Liverpool and Everton live and exclusively today. The encounter between the two Liverpool clubs will not be broadcast on TV.

The transfer to DAZN starts on time with the whistle at 5:01 p.m. with the following team:

  • Moderator: Tobi Wahnschaffe
  • Commentator: Marco Hagemann
  • Expert: Sebastian Kneißl