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"We get better with such games" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The duel against Ronaldo and Co. lost, but coach Peter Bosz of Bayer Leverkusen still reached a positive conclusion. "I really think we need such games to develop, and we get better at such matches," the Dutch football coach said after the 0-0 draw against Italy's leading club Juventus to end the group play in the Champions League.

The factory club must now continue in the Europa League. "I'm disappointed with the results, but not with the game to my team, and if you have chances against a side like Juve, you have to use them, we didn't do it twice," Bosz said.

Surprised was the coach of the four cyclists who stormed into the final stage on stage and on Juve superstar Cristiano Ronaldo rushed to get close. "I've never experienced anything like it," Bosz admitted, "it shouldn't be part of football."

The five-time world footballer Ronaldo was also eaten when a finisher after a whistle split his neck and had to be removed by security forces. With a pejoratory gesture in the direction of the fan CR7, his dissatisfaction made the air.

Bosz: "We were better in the first place"

Meanwhile, Bosz wrote to his team in the spike book, which jumped out after six games in the premiere, the bottom line too little. Bosz: "Something's missing, we were the better side in the first place against Juventus, but Juventus won the match and we can learn from that."

For Bayer goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky, the match on Wednesday was not crucial to the premiere finish: "We haven't missed the last sixteen today." Bayer defender Aleksandar Dragovic said: "We cannot blame ourselves today and build on the performance."

On Juve's side, coach Maurizio Sarri was pleased to have won the final group match thanks to Ronaldo's (75th) 1-0 lead, his 128th place in the premiere. "Cristiano is a strong personality, an absolutely exceptional player, but we also need a strong team. The balance has to be right, but we are happy to have a Ronaldo," the Juve coach said.