Euro 2020

“We were the boss on the pitch” – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The German futsal team is second behind host Georgia in the play-offs of the European Championship qualifiers. In an interview with FUSSBALL.DE, coach Marcel Loosveld talks about the great success and the good development of the team.

FUSSBALL.DE: Mr Loosveld, the German futsal national team has qualified for the play-offs in April after strong performances. Are you completely satisfied with your team?

Marcel Loosveld: The game against Georgia was one of the best games under my leadership. We have shown a great deal of what we have discussed. We really played at a high international level. It was clear that we had to go to our limits. We have achieved that. We were on par the whole game, had good chances and even took the lead through Manuel Fischer. In the end, the experience of Georgia made the difference. I was not surprised that we kept up so well. I know we can reach such a high level. I have a lot of confidence in my team and these experiences make us even stronger.

With victories against Austria and Kosovo, which is placed ahead of Germany in the world rankings, the team has made the progress clear.

“I have a lot of confidence in my team and these experiences make us even stronger”

Loosveld: In the two games we were the boss on the pitch. But we still had our moments when we were too passive. We lacked some consistency throughout the game. Kosovo stood defensively, so we had to make the game. We showed a good performance against Kosovo and played them away in many moments. This shows that we are also physically on a good level. Against Austria we dominated the game, but even then we had our difficulties at times. In the end we won completely deservedly and climbed up a little with the two victories in the world rankings.

It was a difficult group. Has the team taken the next step in its development?

Loosveld: Absolutely, these were strong games from us. It wasn’t
easy to play for the first time without our long-time captain Timo Heinze. He had an important role with us. But the team has done a great job and we’re still trying to give the new players minutes to gain experience and develop.

On the way to the 2022 European Championship in the Netherlands, you will be fighting for a place in the play-offs to advance to the third qualifying round. The opponent will not be drawn until 13 February. How much confidence do you go into these two games now?

Loosveld: This success and our great performance against Georgia gave us a lot of confidence. I know, of course, the possible opponents in the play-offs. There’s no team I’m afraid of. In Georgia, we showed what level we can reach. The play-offs are two back-to-back games. It’s always difficult and you have to approach it differently than a group stage like that. We can win against all these teams, I am convinced of that.

The possible opponents of the German team for the play-offs in April 2020: England, Turkey, Switzerland, Montenegro, Cyprus, Armenia, Greece, San Marino, Lithuania, Denmark, Israel, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria.