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Werder Bremen before the match against FC Bayern: crash on installments – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Werder Bremen started the season with great ambitions, but was deep in the basement shortly before the winter break and must reach Munich, of all people, to fight fear (Saturday at 3.30 pm in LIVETICKER). But why does the team of the famed Florian Kohfeldt come under expectations?

Florian Kohfeldt is not wrong in saying that the man likes to talk a lot. Kohfeldt is a very special phenomenon among coaches in the Bundesliga, because he takes time for the interlocutors and even in unpleasant or difficult situations not only maintains calm, but can also formulate complex things that are understandable with eloquence and polished rhetoric.

At present, the situation at Werder Bremern is not so that people wanted to talk about it voluntarily. Obviously not as the person responsible for the athletic lineage. But Kohfeldt remains faithful in his most difficult phase as a coach in the Bundesliga and moderates everything as best as he can: the many accidents, the many goals scored, the few points, the poor performance, the individual mistakes, the sober that results.

Werder Bremen is 14th after 14 match days with 14 points, relegation place is a very short distance, two points. Seventh place, and with some luck, it could be: in the case of a cheap pairing in the DFB Cup Final, even enough to get into international business, ten points away and currently occupied by Bavaria. On Saturday, there will be a meeting with the two traditional clubs in the Allianz Arena, and Bremen longing for placement will likely be a point or two further away after the match.

Werder Bremen: Europe? Drop the fight?

Although Bayern had a complete earnings crisis in the last two series matches, but their playful performances were so many classes better than Bremen that anything less than a consistent Munich victory would come as a surprise. Whoever is stuck, you have to say it so hard, in a big crisis, and clearly still can't really decide internally how to deal with it. Although some players no longer strictly refuse to look down instead of upward, another part remains with the finalized goal of the European Cup.

The boundary between fine talk and sober realism is currently very narrow in Bremen, no one really wants to be lured out of the reserve. The figures, as well as the classification of recent achievements, speak a very clear language: The seasonal goal is unlikely to be reached, until further notice, the subject of Werder is "relegation match". The reasons for one of the obvious crashes of an ambitious team this season are different and sometimes difficult to understand.

Werder had terrible bad luck with injuries, especially in the defense dropped the players in ranks. This led to a number of players and strange positions from some players, it could not play any solid formation.

Maybe the team was missing some luck at some point. However, five points from seven home games cannot be explained by this alone. The only win was against Augsburg, which is now well over three months ago. In 16 competitive matches Werder has never been without goals, even in the cup against second and fifth division teams from Heidenheim and Delmenhorst was not zero. Eleven goals caused by standards are the worst of all 18 teams in the league. All this cannot be discussed or put into perspective.