Euro 2020

Women’s Serie A football: Florentia San Gimignano called to the juventus enterprise – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Now we are there: the girls with the black-green shirt of Florentia San Gimignano, after the beautiful victory against Hellas Verona, are called in a few days to take the difficult Juventus exam. The Bianconeri, first in the standings, are ready to get rid (easily?) also of the Tuscan team, after the triumphant 2-1 inflicted on the unfortunate Sassuolo. The class and strength of the training coached by Rita Guarina are really impressive, just think that inside the squad there are champions of the likes of Sara Gama, Laura Giuliani and the bomber Cristina Girelli. It will be very difficult for Florentia to be able to contain her opponent and try to make a result: Bursi herself, a black-green defender, recently admitted that to try to do the blame will require a lot of courage and strong unity of purpose. Otherwise, San Gimignano could concede a burst goal as they did during the Tuscan derby that ended with a 6-1 win for Fiorentina. The excuses, wanting to see, there would be all: the black-green club was born a few years ago, in 2015 to be exact, and is in its third appearance in Serie A. Compared to more emphatic and navigated teams, it still has a long way to go to reach a level of mature to allow her to compete for the highest level. Beyond what we think of Saturday’s match between Florentia San Gimignano and Juventus, we are happy to remind all of you how women’s football is finally having that success in terms of following audiences that it has always deserved and only recently achieved. The opener was the national team with its well-played matches and impressive results, especially those of the last two qualifying matches for the next European Championship in 2021.

The feats of the women’s national team

The good games of the Azzurri against Malta and Georgia, complete with goleade sound, are a great signal that gives us hope for the best with regard to the next European Championship in 2021. The bookmakers themselves, increasingly interested in the performance of women’s football, are betting on the path of Italy as they see Bertolini’s team as a team that is growing both in terms of awareness and play. There is still so much left at the beginning of this competition, it is true, but the women’s Italy, masterfully led by the coach Bertolini, is already preparing for this decisive event. We are sure that the Azzurri will know how to surprise us the day when they will face each other with the other strong European teams eager to raise to the sky the most coveted cup. If our girls get into the round with the greatest enthusiasm, the chances of trying to carve out an important role in the tournament will be there. The women’s Italy, finally appreciated also by the general public that still follows “too much” men’s football and knows little about the female one, was the lighthouse that illuminated the right path that is going through the movement of the pink ball in order to be regarded as that of his male colleagues.

The growth of women’s football in Italy


Women’s football in Italy, as mentioned, is growing in importance, and it was time we would say! The movement of the pink ball, until a few years ago, had neither media appeal nor enjoyed a good level of cheering. Gradually, thanks to the successes of the Azzurri that have piqued the interest of football fans, the story is changing. The same Serie A, first snubbed by almost all broadcasters, can now be admired and followed by everyone quite easily. Matches like Florentia San Gimignano-Juventus are now very accessible. We conclude by debunking the myth that women’s football is not up to the height of men’s football: girls who play at great levels know how to invent from nothing a dribbling in the strait or a learnable shot at the intersection of the poles. The really good strikers are then numerous, especially in Serie A. Don’t you believe it? Then turn on the TV on Saturday, February 1 at 14:30 and watch the superstar Girelli duel at a distance with the Bomber Martinovic and then you will tell us!