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Xabi Alonso: “The Real transmits good sensations” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Xabi Alonso continues to take firm steps as coach. After leaving real Madrid’s base football structure, he now leads with lead feet to the subsidiary of Real Sociedad, the club in which he trained and grew up as a player. This Saturday will step on the bench of the Reale Arena for the first time because the txuri-urdin entity wanted the Basque Second B mini Derby to be played in the stadium where the first team usually plays their matches. Many predict that he will be the first of many times, because in the future everyone sees him leading the Royal in First. The tolosarra, for the moment, keeps a cautious silence about that and values with great respect the work of Imanol Sheriff. “First, the team conveys that they are doing things right, it makes a lot of sense everything that is reflected in the field with what the technicians do and have in their heads. And the players are pretty focused on where they want to go. Imanol is the one who has to lead these ideas and demand them and have the team committed to the club and that each match counts, as they did in the Cup”, notes in Zubieta Xabi Alonso.

Experience tells the tolosarra that real is on track to qualify to play in Europe next season. “I think it has players, team and the dynamics generated with all the signs to make a great season. You don’t have to limit the objectives, and by game and performance you are eligible for very important things. It’s a team that gives me good feelings. As an amateur, not as a coach, I want to see the team for how they compete“, notes Xabi Alonso, very excited to live from below a match in Anoeta already without track. He could only play when the stands were further away. “It means a lot. Feel recognizable within what is your home and feel at ease. And Anoeta is now a little bit that for everyone. A special atmosphere and atmosphere is being created and as a player it does change perspective and distanceate a lot. It’s something special.“. It will be his first time on the bench of a First Field, and on one it is his home. “For all the first times they always mark you and I’m in this phase of being able to see things, because it’s going to be the first time I’ll sit in the band and feel Anoeta’s support. But the important thing is them, and then i can help them.”

Shield/Flag R. Society

Alonso has the third ‘Sanse’ in the Second B group II rankings, in Playoff positions, a situation he didn’t even expect. “When we got here we weren’t sure where the competition was going to put us, and the important thing is that we have found a way to feel comfortable, along the way we find it difficult halves that we can overcome, and the effect that I can have is the day to day what you are feeding. The important thing is that I feel the connection with them.” Because the tolosarra feels he still has a lot ahead of him to feel fully coached. “It is a phase of personal growth day by day, I learn a lot from them, from what I have brought them positive and to be lucky that the conditions are right, that makes us able to continue to grow, and I feel that they are growing since I have come, and I have learned a lot with them, I feel comfortable, but there is a lot left. I’m already in another phase as a coach when I get here.“.

“I thought the classic was a game”

Xabi Alonso has also wanted to talk about the controversy that surrounds Madrid and Barcelona these days for the classic and arbitration, with the VAR as the protagonist. “It’s nothing new about controversy, we thought the VAR was going to make all this go away.. But the noise is always there in football, it’s inevitable. What it seemed to me was that we have to keep that Anoeta’s match against Barca was a game, and that the classic I also really liked, it was very nice to watch, it was a great match, arbitral controversy on the sidelines“.