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Zaragoza, Ballesteros and Aguirre show satisfaction – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Zaragoza issued an official statement after hearing the ruling on the “Levant-Zaragoza Case”. The club, which was investigated as a legal entity, was acquitted. This is the full text:

"From the deepest respect for the Administration of Justice and the decision-making of the various judicial bodies, Real Zaragoza, once known the ruling given by the Criminal Court No. 7 of Valencia, wants to declare:

Real Zaragoza expresses its satisfaction with the statement by the Justice Administration of its innocence, facing the unfair accusation of sports corruption. Neither in the instruction nor in the whole process has any evidence been shown to establish a link between Real Zaragoza and the accusations made.

The judge, in his judgment, acknowledges the arguments put forward by Real Zaragoza in his defense, making it clear that there is no indication of the crime being committed by the entity.

However, in view of the conviction of two of its previous directors, the Club, once the trial has been carefully studied, value the adoption of the measures it deems necessary in defense of its interests.

Similarly, it regrets the lack of respect with which over the years Real Zaragoza has been treated. From the outset, Real Zaragoza showed his respect for the action of justice and offered his cooperation in all that was necessary.

Real Zaragoza's history, proven track record and sporting elegance have undoubtedly been arguments that have nonetheless contributed to safeguarding the club's good name in football. However, it is logical for the Company to study the implementation of actions that, as far as possible, contribute to the recovery of unjustly infringed prestige; and this includes requesting initiatives that promote their institutional rehabilitation.

Along the same lines, Real Zaragoza also expresses its satisfaction with the acquittal of the Secretary General, Mr. Francisco Checa, "as proved throughout this long court case and defended the club, he has always worked honestly and faithfully in the defense of football and Real Zaragoza."

Aguirre: "I'm very happy for me and my family"

The Leganes issued a brief statement this afternoon expressing Javier Aguirre's satisfaction at being acquitted of the Levante – Zaragoza case. “I am very happy for me and my family. I always trusted Justice. A hug to everyone", Pray for a concise statement included in this text. In the Mexican coach, in Zaragoza's technical match, he will lead the Lega session at Butarque Sports Facility this afternoon with normality, first after his first triumph as pickle leader yesterday against Celta (3-2).

Ballesteros: "For the second time: this is all an invention"

The captain of the Levant in 2011, accused by Javier Tebas of being the link between the garments of Granota and Zaragoza, evaluated the trial of the trial.

Satisfied with the phrase: "Yes, pleased that for the second time it has been shown to be an invention."

The process: "The worst thing is to continually emphasize, we have not made any kind of statement for five years, we respect all the processes. I speak for myself, I do not speak in anyone's mouth. At all times, I have been very respectful of all the moments of the trial. " The sentence makes it clear again that the accuser does it without foundation, without criteria and accusing many people, or at least me, that we dedicate ourselves to a profession that I love ".

Will you appeal or report ?: "We were acquitted, I don't need to appeal. The moment we have just read the sentence in its entirety, she has made an extensive, well-founded and very well-organized sentence, which makes clear the innocence of all, and that is now the important thing."

Thebes Declarations: What must be asked is yes, because the judge did not know in the sentence whether he was a lawyer, vice president or candidate. I think that in taking a position with such responsibility, we need to measure words more, because he has made statements for five years in which he harms many people and is the second time they have been acquitted for this false complaint he has made. That is what we have now and with that Spanish football has to work.

Thebes Declarations: "What corruption? If the judgment on which you placed all your hopes for progress, we were all acquitted. Let him say what he wants."

Future in the Levant: "I don't know, I don't think about that right now. I was very angry, I was accused of something that is very serious, very serious. I was silent and respecting the times of justice, but really it personally affected me a lot and I have found it very bad. , but my family. "

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* Data updated as of December 9, 2019