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Zaragoza enjoys the worst test in history – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Deportivo does not enter the abyss, it fell into it without medicine and today it seems impossible to leave a path that leads to Second B without medicine. Zaragoza, who are striking a solid blow in the playoffs area, wound up Corunna with great superiority in the first half and perfect reading with Borja Valle's 1-2. Another defeat, another blow to a club that was everything and eight points behind salvation. But it's normal because the blues and whites accumulate 18 games without a win, which is soon to be said. The worst series in its history. The worst sports ever. A feather.

Shield / Sports Flag

The game began with an expectant Zaragoza, almost convinced that the rider really had symptoms of improvement after two mismatches. With a fictional balance, it was achieved in twenty minutes, which were the Victor Fernandez had to understand that Riazor, where he had never won, was a memory that had little to do with today's reality. The first serious warning was given by Luis Suárez on 28 minutes, with a ball in the post after a disastrous start of the local ball. The mistake was panic and the blues and whites were recreated and recreated until locked. Until suffering a siege that Guitián resolved ending only in one corner. Six minutes later, Puado did not forgive and his header, in Javi Ros's exquisite center, Riazor fell silent. How easy, how sad. Two sides of the same coin.

Zaragoza Royal Coat of Arms / Flag

The second act began with Luis César's movements. Koné and Aketxe missing on the bench, Borja Valle and Beto da Silva on stage. The new sap seemed to come out of the field, decontaminated and at 48 & # 39; they made 1-2 with a great Peruvian jump and a perfect definition of Berciano. The goal awakened from depression for the locals and Borja Valle, somewhat forced, tied at 53 ', but Mouse saved the problem. Prior to the script change, Victor put Lasure by James in search of consistency. New game for Deportivo, who again saw him lost with a penalty invented by Luis Suarez, but found a feline stop by Dani Giménez. And how hard it is to stop a penalty today with the new rule! With one more extra life, A Coruña broke the all or nothing game. In a Russian roulette in search of the life in which Zaragoza, who regained command based on the ball and Eguaras, did not want to enter. And so, until Luis Suárez appears again, that after another great bodywork, strength and definition put the final 1-3 to forget the wrong penalty. Twelve goals now. A beast that unleashed Riazor's unanimous whistles: Resignation Policy!


Borja Valle (45 ’, Koné), Luiz Da Silva (45 & # 39 ;, Aketxe), Daniel Lasure (54 & # 39; James Igbekeme), Samuele Long (63 & # 0; Victor Mollejo), Shinji Kagawa (82 & Javi Puado), Linares (86 ’, Luis Javier Suarez Charris)


0-1,32 & # 39 ;: Guitián, 0-2, 38:: Javi Puado, 1-2, 47:: Borja Valle, 1-3, 79:: Luis Javier Suarez Charris


Referee: Iosu Galech Apezteguía
VAR Referee: Rubén Ávalos Barrera
Vicente Gomez (4 amarelo, yellow) Luis Javier Suarez Charris (71 Amarelo, Yellow) Shinji Kagawa (83 amarelo, yellow